Chapter 8-Arriving at Neverland

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Chapter 8

The Journey to Neverland

"Neverland" Rumplestiltskin said. "They took him to Neverland."

My whole body froze everything but my heart. My heart would make one clearly distinctive thump after another. Chills crept up the back of my neck, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. A million memories, good and bad, flashed before my eyes. Bringing tears to them, as I tried to comprehend everything.

This can't be happening. It took me years to get out of that place, and now I'm going back there willingly. I struggle to get a grip, and end up stumbling backwards.

"Are you okay?" Snow asks me, making sure I was stable first. She looked me over, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little shaken up is all." I lied straight through my teeth. Quickly hiding the tears about to spill from my watery eyes.

"You sure? I'm here if you want to talk." She says kindly, before walking off to stand next to Charming.

Inside, I was about to crumble into a thousand pieces. I couldn't return to that horrid place. I had fought so hard to escape; I couldn't let that fighting go to waste. He couldn't get me back.

"If everyone's alright with this, I'd like to get going." Hook shouts over the wind. Everyone nods in agreement, except for well me, but no one noticed. I grip the sides of the ship, my knuckles turning white as I look at the wind-disturbed water.

Hook chucks the bean out to sea, making it sink to the bottom of the ocean. The portal opens up, revealing a gigantic whirl pool. He guides the ship towards the swirling water as we all brace ourselves for the impact. The front of the ship goes up and down once more before plunging downward into the abyss.

If I can recall correctly, several screams were released as we plunged into the water and emerged just as easily. The ship leaped in the air before smashing right down. Sending a whole blast of sea mist our way. The whole ship rocked back and forth as it struggled to steady it's self. The rough waters not helping one bit.

"Welcome to Neverland." Hook speaks with a plastered grin on his face.

"I don't need to be welcomed to the place I've nearly died over hundreds of times." I mutter under my breath, looking at the now soaked wooden deck.

The first time I ever stepped on the soil of Neverland, I was young, wild, and definitely in need of an adventure. At this time, I wasn't anywhere near afraid. I was just happy to finally be free of my former life. I never suspected what came next.

I walked up the sandy path to the tree line. My plan was to stay hidden, but that was before I knew that I had already been found. I stumbled up the path. Still soaked from my swim to the island. My drenched hair leaving a trail of water behind me as I continued to walk.

Having no idea where I had ended up, I decided to investigate, kind of on edge when I found no one around. I had decided to make camp. I had nearly no supplies, but I had to make do with what I had. I had wandered along the shore, looking for the perfect spot to rest. I found a sandy space of ground covered with an awning of trees that I thought would make a comfortable enough stay for the night.

I didn't think of any dangers that this island might hold, all I thought was how lucky I was to find a place where I can be free.

When I had finally settled down for the night, my fears started to creep up on me. The fire was left of only a few red embers, and gave off almost no light. I was surrounded by darkness, and the darkness scared me much more than I was willing to admit. I tried to focus on things other than the dark. And other than what lay in the darkness surrounding me. I lay on my back, staring at the stars above me, being the only light that was available.

Although I had restlessly tried to relax, I couldn't help but feel tense. I had kept my dagger just inches away from my fingers, just in case of an emergency. My ears were keen and listening for any sign of movement.

The snap of a twig made me spring out of my bed; grab my dagger, all in the matters of seconds. I heard the rustle of leaves to my right, and whirled around to see nothing but darkness. I picked a piece of firewood up from the ground, and stuck it in the middle of the dying embers. Resulting to a small flame lighting the end of the piece of wood and creating a torch. I swung it out in front of me, looking for any sign of the creator of disturbance.

To my dismay, I saw nothing, and continued on, pushing through the brush, and branches, determined to find someone. After pushing through trees, I arrived at a trail. It was covered in roots, and among them there were foot prints. Knowing that there was something near, I stuck my dagger out in front of me, in attempt to defend me.

"Are you lost?" I hear a lone voice ask. I whirl around, holding my torch, and dagger out in front of me. I came face to face with a young boy, no older than I was. I couldn't make out any more details, because the only lighting I had was the small torch. He put his hands up in defense, as if to show he had no weapons.

"Who are you?" I ask, still not willing to trust the boy.

"The better question is who are you? You are the one who decided come on my island." The boy says, a smile creeping up on his face.

"Your island?" I question, disbelieving.

"Well considering I've spent eternity on this island. Yes, I like to think of it as my island." He says, leaning his back against a tree trunk, and crossing his arms across his chest.

"What's your name?"

"Why does it matter to you?" He asks, cocking his head, his eyes looking me up and down.

"Nothing, I was just wondering." I say truthfully.

"My name's Peter. Peter Pan."

(A/N: Peter Pan!!!! Finally. I'm actualy really happy that he's made his way into the story. If you hadn't already realized, the italics was the flashbacks. I was thinking of putting a flashback at the end of every chapter. But I'm not quite sure yet. Anyway, I hope you like it. I'm not sure when the next chapter will be up. I'm hoping my Wednesday, but I have a lot of homework, so I'm not sure. But I'll try. Anyway I hope you liked reading this chapter.)




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