Chapter 11-Fire Your Best Shot

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Chapter 11

Fire Your Best Shot

Being that it was already late at night, our whole group had found a good enough spot to make camp. It wasn't perfect, but considering where we were, I thought we were lucky. We all sat around the blazing fire that was built at the center of the campsite.

"Why would Pan want anything to do with Henry?" I ponder out loud. I stand up off a tree trunk, dust my hands on my jeans, and pace back and forth. There had to be some reason for it. Pan wouldn't take Henry for no reason at all. Especially if he knew it would bring our whole group to Neverland. Unless that's what he meant to do in the first place.

As soon as you step on the soil of Neverland, you can't leave. You're trapped, there is almost no way out.

I could feel several pairs of eyes on me as I paced back and forth, trying to clear my mind. And most of all why would Tamara and Greg take him here? What connection do they have to Neverland? The more I thought about it the more confused I became. Why?

"Pan must already know that we're here. All I have to say is he doesn't make deals, he doesn't help, and he most certainly isn't stupid. My point is he plays games. He makes it impossible for you to ever reach your goal, and makes it certain that you'll never leave this place."

"Did you just tell all of us that to discourage us?" Emma asks, not appreciating the words Hook just spoke. He did basically just tell all of us that it would be impossible for us to succeed. I mean way to lower our confidence.

"I didn't mean to say it that way. It just depended on how you interpreted it. Peter Pan has eyes everywhere. And what we need to do is always be on the lookout. We will always need someone to be on look out, because let's just say the Lost Boys aren't friendly."

I already knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, so I called the first shift. While everyone else was getting ready to go to sleep, I sat motionless on a wooden log, staring straight through the flames, trying not to think.

"You're sure you are okay taking the first shift?" Snow asks me, kindness in her voice, as her hand brushes my shoulder.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I'm sure nothing interesting will happen anyway." I say, not believing my own words.

"Okay, if you're fine with it. I'll be up in an hour to switch with you." She says, before leaving me alone.

The flames of the fire begin to die down, leaving very little light to see anything. And in a place like Neverland, having almost no light scared me. Taking a deep breath I tried to calm my nerves. Just because Pan knows we're here doesn't mean he knows so am I, right?

It's impossible to not think in a place that brings back so many horrible memories. I moved the dirt under my feet around, kicking it to pass time. Everyone had settled down and was on the ground, sleeping. With nothing else to go I laid on my back, with my eyes staring up at the stars.

I could hear movement on my right, at first startled, I jumped up from my place on the ground. But as soon as I realized it was Snow, I backed down.

"Oh, sorry! I was trying to be quiet. I didn't want to scare anyone, but I guess I failed." Snow apologizes.

"No, it's fine, really." I could see Emma standing up behind Snow, her blade was pulled, and her body was rigid and stiff.

"Do you hear that?" She asks, looking around, looking for the source of the sound.

"Emma...I hear nothing." Snow states, concerned for Emma. But I knew what Emma was talking about. The crying of the boys that Pan's shadow brings to Neverland. Only those who were abandoned and unloved as children could hear the cries. Which just so happens to include Emma and I.

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