Chapter 18

Where is Henry?


"How do you know my name?" The whimpering voice inquired in between sobs.

"It's not just your name I know. I know you, and we just so happen to share the same past and present." I respond.

"I know you?" The shaky voice asks.

"As much as I know you." I tell her. This cage is small, and being that it was uncomfortable it was about time to break free of it.

Wendy continued to sob and whimper, terrified, and broken. What could they have possibly done to her? We had both been her, held captive at the same time, under Pan's control. But, that was years ago, I had assumed that she had escaped as well.

Wendy isn't exactly my ideal friend, but when I was here alone, she was the only one I had to keep me company. She's not very athletic, actually she's not at all athletic, and isn't very strong, emotionally and physically.

I've gotten out of these cages, plenty of times before. I pull a pin out of my hair and slip my wrist through the bars of the cage. I slide the pin into the keyhole and jiggle it until I hear a click. Bringing my arm back in, I put the pin back in my hair and lay down on my back. I bring my knees to my chest before slamming down on the door. Splintering the wood that used to hold me captive.

"How'd you do that?" Wendy asks, her weak voice coming through.

"Simple. Experience." I mutter, walking over to her cage and doing the same until the wood shattered into pieces.


"Yep, that's my name." I say with a smile on my face.

"You left. I thought you escaped?" She asked, confused.

"Wendy now is not the time. We need to focus on getting the hell out of here." She just looks at me with utter confusion, and is almost too frightened to move.

They still have Henry, and I still need a plan to get him back. "Which way leads to the camp?" I ask her, praying for just one logical response.

"Why on earth would you want to go back to camp? They are going to capture us again!" She shrieks.

"You're talking to me here. They're lost boys, not very hard to hurt." I mutter. "Now please, which way to camp?" I ask trying to get her to respond.

"It's that way, but if you think I'm going back into the place you are dead wrong."

"I never asked you to come." I say, before heading in the direction she had pointed. I needed to somehow find Henry, let him know we're here looking for him. He doesn't know about anything. He doesn't know what Pan is capable of, nor does he know that we are all out here looking for him.

I follow the trail, before I could see the edge of camp through the trees. Now, to find Henry. I push through the trees, my arms brushing against branches and leaves as I slowly approach the edge of camp. My eyes were scanning the camp for Henry. He had to be here somewhere.

"I'm going to go check on our prisoners." A near voice says, startling me into hiding behind a tree trunk. Where'd Wendy go? Why does she never learn? I groan in frustration as soon as the person who spoke left. She's just going to end up getting captured again, and considering how broken she is now, she really needs help. Henry was my main priority, no matter how stupid Wendy could be.

Years ago, after well Pan changed...she was brought here. At the beginning she assumed that everything was like the fairy tale books. That Peter was still the loving, kind, and full of life boy he used to be. But instead, she arrived to find that Neverland isn't as full of light as people might say. She was too weak to fight back, and I was forced to rescue her from Pan.

Being the rich girl she is, she didn't have a clue what she was doing out here in the wild. She was used to luxury, warmth, and high end treatment that Neverland wasn't about to give her. I tried to teach her how to survive, how to become independent, survive on her own. But it only resulting in her being captured over and over again. When I was taken by the curse, I had always assumed that she had somehow been able to escape. I never thought that she would still be captured here, and held against her will.

I continued to walk through the woods, occasionally peering into the camp to check if Henry was anywhere close. He had to be here, right? Where else would have Pan taken him. In the camp, the lost boys crowded around a blazing fire, not paying any attention to my lurking outside the camp. Some of them were dancing, and some were just sitting next to the fire.

Where is Pan keeping Henry?

"Looks like someone escaped from their cage."

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