Chapter 30

What He Became


                Darkness was spreading. Everyone knew it, every single one of us did, but yet we all refused to believe it. It was surrounding the island and bringing it down with it whether we admitted it or not.

                We knew it, we knew that Neverland was going to collapse, and crumble to the ground. Neverland ran on magic, good magic. And without that magic the land we knew to be stunning would become just as evil as the magic trying to take over.

                There was no escaping it, or in least that’s how I viewed it. Neverland always had a small part of which evil was present. But we never thought anything of it. We always thought that darkness had its boundaries, and that good would always keep it out. But…we were wrong. We weren’t prepared.

                In the deepest, darkest and most horrific part of Neverland lay the shadows. The shadows of evil and dark magic, they lurked here. For some reason among the mermaid, pirates, and fairies there was the greatest evil of all. There wasn’t supposed to be evil on Neverland, and there never should be.

                We’d had encounters with this other kind on many occasions, none of them at all pleasant. I was planning on this next encounter on being our last.

                These shadows…they weren’t exactly people, and they weren’t exactly easy to get rid of. They didn’t give up easily. They wanted power, and this island has power. Being shadows, they had nearly no power they were shunned, sent to oblivion. And to regain whatever power they were hoping to get, they wanted the magic of Neverland. I wasn’t going to give it to them; we weren’t going to give it to them, because we weren’t going anywhere.

                “Do you honestly plan on doing this alone?” Says the voice I knew all too well.

                “No, I knew you’d come. You always do.” I say, sensing him walk up behind me. I don’t like people who try to take things away from others. They deserved everything they got. I did no how to kill them, if that’s the word for it. I knew how to destroy them. No blade, no arrow, or sword could kill or even harm them. But the one thing that could destroy them is the light of flames, and the heat of fire. I knew it wouldn’t be simple, that’s why I had Peter with me, and he made me feel safer than I would feel with anyone else.

                “This darkness…it’s destroying it isn’t it. It’s making you fall apart.” He says with genuine concern, his finger tips brushing my cheek, making me turn to face him.

                “Do I really look that horrible?” I ask him, half laughing, but sadness reflecting from my eyes.

                “No, you look just as beautiful, trust me. But I can sense that your heart is full of sadness and darkness.” He tells me, one hand resting on my cheek while the other grasped my hand.

                “It bothers me just as much as it bothers anybody else. Trust me I’m fine. I just want everything to be back to normal.” I say nearly a whisper, forcing a smile upon my lips.

                “Promise you’re okay?” Peter still expressing his concern.

                “I promise.” I tell him, pulling him close to me, so our bodies were touching. I stand on my toes, putting my lips to his, kissing him with the passion I’d been holding in, my hands threading through his messed up hair.

                “Are you ready to finally end this?” He asks, pulling away from the kiss, a smile on his face.

                “For sure.” I say, returning the smile, and following him through the woods.


                I had lit a torch, just in case they decided to surprise us; it was better safe than sorry. I held it in front of me, sweeping it across the pathway to make sure there weren’t any uninvited guests before us. “They’re close.” I mutter, mostly talking to myself.

                “They’re not close, they’re everywhere. They’ve been there the whole time. But it if you’re talking about where they live, than yes I’d agree we’re close.” Peter says trying to lighten the mood I was in.

                The trees grew darker, and the moon no longer shone through the trees above. And what lay in front of us nearly became impossible to see, the torch doing nearly nothing. I hated the dark, it gave me the creeps, and made the hairs on my arms stick up.

                “Why are you here?” A booming voice bellowed throughout the woods, echoing from every side. Peter, being on guard, stepped out to be in front of me. “Why?” It sneered once again.

                “I’m sure you know the reason.” Peters says with surprising confidence. He held his torch in front of him, ready to set something on fire.

                “I know the reason, but that doesn’t mean I understand your stupidity.” The voice comes again. Through the trees I could see the shadows, swooping, diving, and weaving in and out of the branches of the forest.

                “Stupidity? Says the one that flies near fire!” Peter shouts with frustration and anger combined.

                “I’m not scared of your fire,” The shadow the spoke swooped out of the darkness and into the light lit by the torches. Its yellow eyes glared into mine and Peter’s. He flew closer and closer, his arms, or what seemed to be arms, out in front of it.

                “And you think I’m scared of you?” Peter asks, swinging the torch out in front of the gathering of shadows before us. They morphed, seeming to form one big cloud of darkness, falling down to be right in front of where Peter stood.

                “You should be!” All of the shadows spoke as one, the yellow eyes blazing down on us both.

                Before I could comprehend what was going on, the group of shadows approached Peter, becoming closer and closer, before just nearly centimeters from his heart. The shadows lunged forward, plunging into Peter’s heart and soul and disappearing inside him. His eyes ruled back and his body collapsed into a heap on the ground.

                “PETER!” I screamed, my knees weakening as I collapsed to the ground besides him, hovering the shadow filled body. Shaking his body with every ounce of strenght I had. 

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