Chapter 5

She's not a Jealous Ex, I swear!

“We’re screwed.” I mutter as we hear a shout from outside the door. My first instinct was to look for a place to hide, but then I realized that that idea was almost as stupid as Emma’s idea to come here. Emma’s eyes were wide, and you could tell that crazy thoughts were running throughout her head.

The door burst open to reveal pissed Neal. Oh how wonderful!

            “We were uh…just…checking to see if…you were home.” I stutter, and then mentally punching myself in the face for my stupidity.

            “She’s not a jealous ex I swear! We have a reason to be here…” I say trying to come up with words.

            “Stop talking.” Emma hissed.

            “What are you actually doing here?” Neal said, his eyes scanning over the both of us.

            “Look, we do have a reason for being here. I know I’m going to sound crazy, but I truthfully don’t care, just hear me out.” Emma says before continuing on. “We have reason to think that Tamara isn’t who you think she is.”

“So you just decided you’d search our room?” Neal questioned getting angry. I mean I couldn’t blame him. Not only has Emma just broken into his room, but she also just told him that his wife to be is evil.

            “We have a reason, I bumped into her and she had list of names and fairytale names. I mean do you know find that in anyway suspicious?” Emma asked, trying to convince Neal to listen to her.

Neal put his head in his hands, groaning. “Emma, I gave her that list. She was having trouble adjusting, and I figured that giving that list would help her out. I mean give her a break; you remember how crazy this town was when you first came here.”

            “Fine, but where is she now?” I asked trying to let the news Neal just gave Emma sink in.

            “I don’t know, she said she was going out for a run by the beach. That’s what she does every morning.”

            “Look, all we need is for you to listen to us, just come with us. And if she’s actually going for a run we’ll let it go. Would I be doing this for any other reason? Just listen to us this once.” Emma begged.

            “Fine.” He said running his fingers through his hair in aggravation.

            I look out the door, expecting to see Henry there, waiting for us to finish talking. But instead I found vacant space. “Where’s Henry?”

            “He said he was going to talk to Mary Margaret about something.” He stated.

            “And you believed him. We’ve already gone through this once. Henry doesn’t just say what he’s doing. He’s a smart kid; do you really think that’s what he’s doing?” I asked crossing my arms.

            “Well I don’t know. It seemed like he genuinely wanted to talk to her.” Neal stated looking at me with a puzzled look. What doesn’t he get? His and Emma’s son of course he doesn’t say the truth.

 “Or was he genuinely trying to solve a crime?” I send Emma look, only to see she’s is a state of panic. Before I could say anything, she was already out the door. 

“So I guess Operation find Henry is in full action.” I mutter as I follow Emma out the door. 


            “Emma, where are you going?” I yell through the wind as I chase after her.

            “Right before Henry disappeared, Neal mention how he thought Tamara was on a run near the woods. And knowing Henry, that’s where he is now.” She said out of breath once I caught up to her.

            “Alright, but I just have one question. What are we going to do once we find Tamara? Do we really have anything against her?”

            “At the moment no. But when we find her, I am positive that we will.” She stated with confidence as she slid into the driver’s seat of her car. Groaning, both Neal and I followed suit by joining her in the car. 

            Why does Henry have to love solving mysteries so much? We sped off, totally disregarding the speed limits, desperate to find Henry. 

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