Chapter 15


"How did you know that?" Hook stammers, his teeth gritted together, as he whirls around to face me. Or bodies only inches apart. His expression was one I've never seen before. His body was rigid with anger and his eyes were showing pure shock.

" heard you talking about some of... your Neverland... stories." I stutter. Why is it that I'm such as good liar but when it's on a serious level all I can muster is a stuttering lie?

"No! That's impossible, no one knows about that. No one except the people led there by Pan himself." He scowls, grabbing my wrists and forcing me to look him dead in the eyes.

"How did you know that?" He growls with pure hatred. "You've been here before, haven't you?" He continues on interrogating me.

"Hook..." Snow tries to calm him, urgently. "Let her go." She commands him.

"No! Not until she tells us what she knows, and how!" Hook cries with urgency. My throat chokes up. I can't explain this, not now, not when it brings too much back. "You were here weren't you? You've been here before!" Hook screeched, "How could you possibly know that? This island is full of secrets. Which many people know, but the one you just revealed? No, no one knows about that. No one except the ones who were permitted to enter by Pan." His grip on my wrists tightening, cutting of some of my circulation.

"I know nothing." I force out through my choked up throat, trying to avoid the intense glare coming from Hook's eyes.

"Sure, you don't! Because from what I just heard you say, you sure as hell know something!" Hook yelled at me, getting pissed off.

"Hook! Stop it! Let go of her!" Emma yells, prying his clenched gingers off of my wrists. His eyes were sending daggers my ways.

"She's been here. She knows this plays! SHE KNOWS PAN!" Hook yelled, losing all of his composure and going full out. "She knows something, for all we know she could be working for him." He stammers, losing all sanity.

"Hook! Calm the hell down! You can't just make all of these assumptions!" Neal yells holding him back.

"I can't live knowing that she's been here before. That she somehow has some sort of connection to Pan." He stammers through gritted teeth, spreading tension through everyone. Everyone had their eyes glued on me, they were trying to determine whether Hook was actually speaking the truth.

"That can't be true, can it?" Charming asks sitting up from the rock he was sitting on, wanting everything said to be a lie.

"Is that why you didn't want to tell anyone your past, because you were working for Pan this whole entire time?" Regina asks anger boiling in her voice.

"I'm not working for Pan!" I screech, tired of all the lies being told about me.

"And how do we know that?" Regina retaliates, crossing her arms over her chest.

"All we want to know is if you happen to know is if you've been here before? And we want a truthful answer." Snow asks me, trying to be as kind as possible.

What can I possibly say? I could say no, but then again they'll find out anyway won't they. "" I stutter trying to find words to express my feelings.

"See, I told you! She's a traitor, she betrayed us. She has been here, and she knows Pan! Why should we trust her?"

"Hook, she didn't even say anything!"

"That's exactly my point! She knows something that she doesn't want to tell us!"

I can't handle this! I swear, if I'm hear another minute of bickering, I will explode with frustration. I wish I could just leave here, go off on my own, and not have to deal with them bitching about how 'I know something'. I have to admit, I kind of feel like slapping Hook in the face right now. But considering he has a hook that he could slap me right back with, I was trying my best to refrain myself.

I slowly bring my right foot back, the sole of my shoes crunching the leaves on the ground behind me. I keep doing this until I'm close enough to the trees to be hidden. Emma, Hook, and Regina were too busy fighting to notice my disappearance. I guess now's the time I leave them, and fend for myself. It's not like they'll ever really trust me again.

Thinking that running was the best option, that's what I did. I ran, I didn't quite know where I was running to, but I didn't really care either. I couldn't help but get a feeling of déjà vu. This was the exact position I was in, several years before the curse. Running away from Pan and his now psychopath mind.

Not quite knowing where I was going, I ran straight ahead, where I could see sunlight, sand, and water. Water. That's the one place where I could think, where I was alone, hidden, and no one could find me. It was kind of my so called secret identity. My feet pound against the disturbed sand, not caring what I was wearing, I dove under to surface of the water, swallowed up by the cold ocean water.

Is it really that easy to become a mermaid? I mean that's every girl's dream isn't it? Who wouldn't want that, it's a dream come true.

Over the best week, I'd gotten bored. Which was a rare feeling for me to have on this island. Lately, I've had nothing to do. Peter has been ignoring me, and don't ask me why because I don't have the slightest idea why. The lost boys are busy training; Peter has been working them really hard lately. Which again, I have no answer as to why.

The past hour, I've disappeared. Well...not quite disappeared, I've just left, trying to think. Let out all of my feelings, trying to get it all out, and not keep everything bottled up inside.

I've heard legends of mermaids, the mermaids on Neverland to be exact. I've read stories, legends, and true experiences. But all of them, I find hard to believe. I mean becoming a mermaid? Really? It just doesn't seem that easy to me. The Moon Cave is the "key" to becoming a mermaid, or so I've read.

Legend has it that becoming a mermaid is quite as difficult as it might seem. The Moon Cave has powers, magical (mermaid) powers. The legend is that any girl in the water of the Moon Cave when the moon passes directly over the hole in the center will become a mermaid. But, there's a catch. Not just any person can become a mermaid. This person needs to be pure, pure of heart, pure of soul, and has to believe. Believe in what, you ask? I'm not sure, but I'm sticking with the idea that I have to believe in myself.

If it just so happens that you aren't pure, or in anyway good, well let's just keep it as your no longer a mermaid nor anything.

When I first heard this legend, I quickly dismissed the idea, not believing it for one second. But if you don't already know, anything is possible on Neverland, and if that is indeed true, then why can't I become a mermaid. I don't see why not?

I couldn't tell you what came over me; all I can tell you is that I wanted this. I needed to escape from everything. From this island, the people, and most of all myself.

I dove into the water, swimming deeper, under the surface of the sea. It was a chilly night, so the water wasn't necessarily pleasant. It was nearly midnight, and the water that used to be crystal clear was now murky, and clouded with darkness.

I surface, emerging from the bitterly cold water, to find my eyes nearly blinded by staring directly at the moon.

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