Chapter 35-Wishes

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Chapter 35


                “It pretty much looks like a normal cave to me.” Snow comments at entrance of a cave that on the outside looked to be normal.

                “Just wait till you’re inside.” I told her. My eyes did not leave the dark entrance of the cave that could quite possibly destroy this group. I headed towards the entrance of the cave leaving everyone else standing behind me. They left me on my own to enter to cave on my own. I think they thought I’d led them into a trap. Although that’s what Pan had intended me to do, I wasn’t planning on it.

                Every step I took to the cave was another I wanted to turn around. I mean I didn’t really know what was going to happen. It could go smoothly, that was what I hoped, but since when do things ever go my way. I was suspected some sort of bomb. Not an actual bomb, but explosions of secrets that will just make us hate each other more than we already do.

                I cautiously walked through the entrance of the cave, the stone walls instantly surrounding me. It was exactly as I remembered it. Every wall and floor was dull grey stone. There was no light except for the light shining from the entrance.

                And in the middle were the cages that barred both Wendy and Neal inside. There was no way to even reach them; there was nothing between me and them except for a drop to your death.

                “This is the cave; I’ve got to say I was expecting something more spectacular.” Hook says nearly laughing, which in this moment tempted me to smash my fist in his jaw.

                “Emma?” I choked up voice asks from the middle of the cave, Neal.

                “Neal, we’re going to get you out of there, I promise.” Emma tells him, urgent to get to him.

                “Who’s she?” Charming asks, pointing to the cage next to Neal, the one that held Wendy.

                “That is Wendy, Wendy Darling to be exact. She’s a victim of Pan, has been for years and just like Neal, she happens to need our saving.”

                “So all we need to do is say secrets…any secret?” Emma asks me.

                “Not any secret, it has to be one you’ve never told anyone before.” I reply. “Who wants to start?”

                No reply.

                “Look! If any one of you wants to save them, we have to do this!” I raise my voice. Sure, I get it, telling a secret is hard. But think about it, our friends’ lives are at stake here!

                “Fine, I may as well get it over with.” Hook stammers regret in his voice. “I have a few secrets I could tell, and I think I’ll go with the less revealing one.  As you all know, I’ve been on Neverland previously, and had some issues with Pan. But what you don’t know is that the first time I stepped foot on this island, I was no pirate. My brother and I were under the King’s orders to bring back dreamshade. But even though we had been warned, we were stupid enough to actually touch it. And this foolishness led to the death of my brother.” Hook forced out. The last sentence obviously causing him pain.

                The floor lurched violently under our feet as the first few feet of the bridge extended.

                “I guess I’ll go.” Snow says. What secrets could Snow possibly have? I mean she’s kind to everyone, she is nearly perfect! “I’ve always wanted a daughter. And a year ago, when Emma came to Storybrooke, I got that back. But I never got to be a mother. I may have had a daughter, but I was never able to watch her grow up, hear her first words, or watch her first steps. And I can’t help but want that. I want a daughter that I can raise on my own, and do what I wished I could’ve with Emma.” She stammers, her eyes brimming with tears. The bridge extended again, but wasn’t anywhere near the other side.

                “Henry is my everything. He’s grown up with me, lived with me, and was raised by me.” Regina stammers, beginning her story.  “But I can’t help but feel jealous of how he seems to love Emma more. He looks at me like I’m evil, and I very well might have been. But I’ve always loved him, and that will never change. I just wish that he would look at me like he used to. That he would look at me like his mother and not the enemy.” She says, her voice wavering as she spoke.

                The bridge again extended to be closer to the other end.

                It was Charming’s turn “Snow and I are supposed to have true love. And when I think of the word true love I think of having a perfect life. Having a family and not having an endless life of chaos. What I wish for? A life of peace, where it wouldn’t be crazy. Even though I’ve learned that that would be nearly impossible, I still wish for our lives to be that way.” He sighed, letting out the breath he had been holding in.

                And now was Emma. “With all things crazy going on in my life, there’s Neal. Some might think I’d hate him for abandoning me with Henry, and locking me up in a jail cell. And sometimes I even feel like I do hate him. But the other part of me actually feels like it meant something. Me and him. That it wasn’t a coincidence that we met. Because what were the chances that the savoir and a child from fairy tale land would fall in love? And everything we’ve gone through, I can’t help but want to be together. We’ve been through everything and now we are finally together again.” Emma stammers, a few tears running down her cheek.

                The stone bridge grew just barely making it to the other side, with just a few feet left. Everyone’s eyes were turned towards me; Snow’s was worried because I was pretty sure she already knew what I was going to say.

                I took a deep breath, trying not to collapse with all the thoughts running through my head at this moment. “As Hook has mentioned and accused me of many times, I have been on Neverland before. There was reason I always kept my past a secret and not just because it pained me to speak of it, but because of how I’d be judged. I feared that my friends and well…my family would turn on me, and I fear that now too. But I have to let this out because no matter how hard I try to keep it in I know I won’t be able to manage that my entire life.” I say taking a breath. “When I was younger, I had been abandoned in the Forest; I was lost and had nowhere to go. The one place that would accept me was here, in Neverland. But this was before everything turned to darkness. When Pan was Peter, and when this place was filled with good magic. When Peter was kind, and was actually someone you’d like. I lived here for years, with Peter. And I couldn’t help but fall in love.” 

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