Chapter 7


            “Hook, we need the bean.” We say as we board his hundred year old pirate ship. The unstable floor of the ship causing me to keep losing my balance.

            “And what makes you think that I’ll help you?” Hook said, pacing across the wooden ship deck. He studied his hook carefully, polishing it.

            “Henry. Tamara and Greg took him.” I stammered, trying not to think too much into it, afraid I was going to cry. As soon as Hook heard the word “Tamara” his head turned.

            “Tamara? Who is she?”

            “She’s…well was Neal’s fiancé. Do you know anything about her?” Emma says stepping up, closer to Hook.

            “She tried to kidnap me, and she kidnapped Regina. She was working besides Greg.” He muttered, still not willing to say anything.

            “She kidnapped Regina?” Emma asked, disbelieving.

            “Yeah, why does it matter to you?” Regina says, coming up from below deck. None of us had realized she was aboard.

            “Henry, he was kidnapped. But it’s worse. Tamara and Greg both forced him to jump through a portal and none of us even know where the portal went to.”

            “Henry was taken?” She screeched. “I knew I never should have trusted you with my son!”

            “He’s not you son, he’s mine!” Emma yelled back.

            “Shut up! We have a major crisis here to worry about. We need to figure out where that portal made them land. And even though I hate needing his help, we need Rumpelstiltskin. And first, Snow and Charming have to know what’s happened.” I say, sighing. I can’t believe I am the one being the rational adult in this situation.

            “Did someone call for me?” We all swirl around to see Mr. Gold standing there with Snow and Charming standing behind him with very confused expressions.

            “Do you just listen to everything we say?” I ask, confused as to how he showed up so fast. He slowly climbed up the stairs to the top deck of the boat. His cane making soft thumps every time it hit the wooden ground.

            “It’s bad enough that I have to waste my last bean on you guys, but why does he have to come along with us?” Hook groaned, clearly despising Rumpelstiltskin. There was a look of pure hatred in his eyes. And he was fighting himself not to let out his anger on him at this very moment.

            Ignoring his comment, I tried to explain to Snow what happened, without losing my cool.  But I knew that was going to be an impossible task. Henry was just taken, he was kidnapped. But what’s worse is we don’t even know where they took him. He could be in any world, any dimension. Of course I would be freaking out, I mean he’s practically like a brother to me.

            “I can’t believe I’m actually saying this.” I mutter under my breath, before I continue on. “Mr. Gold. We need your help. And I know that when it comes to Henry, you are more than willing to.” I say. I hate myself for actually asking for help, from the one and only Rumplestiltskin. He’s what destroyed my family, and yet here I am again, asking him for help.

            “What does Henry have to do with anything?” Mr. Gold asks, as he walks to the other end of the boat. His cane tapping along with him.

            “Tamara and Greg, they took him. And we need your help, to find him. He could’ve landed in any realm, and we have no way to figure out where he landed.” A week ago, even the thought of Rumpelstiltskin’s help would have made me cringe. He took my father’s life, and I still am left wondering how I ever forgave him.

            But I believe the only reason I did was because he’s different. He’s changed; he’s no longer the heartless monster he once was.

            “Lucky for you my talents can come in handy.” He says letting out a smirk along with the words. He takes out a white globe like object. At the very top, there was a needle, thin and long. Rumpelstiltskin places the globe down on the surface of a table. Holding it to keep it from rocking along with the ship.

            Hook stepped back, holding himself back from what he really wanted to do to Rumpelstiltskin.

            Rumpelstiltskin pricked his finger on the needle. Causing one single drop of blood to drop onto the globe.  He spun the globe causing the color of red and white to swirl together. The globe continued to spin as the colors began to form shapes of land.

            The shapes began to form a map, of land and water. The globe gradually slowed down, and toppled from one side to another. Rumpelstiltskin continued to stare at the map before his eyes. His expression filled with astonishment, and surprise.

            And all of us were left in mystery as to where the map shows.

            “No…it can’t be.” He stammered, backing away from the no longer moving globe. He was refusing to believe what so obviously lied right before his eyes.

            “Well. Where is it?” Regina asks impatiently. Everyone aboard the ship had their eyes on him, intensely staring, waiting for him to give them an answer. 



(A/N: Finally! They are going to Neverland! I'm sorry it started out slow. I just didn't want it to be rushed, and I'm so happy that I can now start with the real story!! Well as you know they are obviously going to Neverland. Both Haven and Peter's past will be written through flashabacks. These flashbacks will be written with italics. So you don't have to worry about not being able to tell the difference or anything. And obviously, Neal was not killed off by Tamara. I just figured you already know what happened, and explaining everything might get a little boring. So yeah! Thanks for reading. I hope you love it!) 



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