Chapter 1-My Story

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Chapter 1


Staring out at the murky sea and gray clouds before me, there is only one thing I can think about. And that is my past, which just so happens to be the one thing I try to run from. But no matter how hard I try I can never get rid of the memories I have of my past. Forever I will be reminded of the experience I had in what everyone else would call “the land of dreams.” But I can assure you, the place that was once full of life is just as lost as the Lost Boys. 

 I’ve never really told anyone about my past, not even the people closest to me. I guess my past is just one of those things I like to keep to myself. Or it might be that whenever I talk or even think about it all of those emotions come flooding back. For everyone who doesn’t know me, I think it’s finally time that I told my story. But trust me when I say it’s not your average fairy tale. 


I used to be an innocent girl, full of hope and dreams that I wished could come true. When you think of fairy tales, you think of magic, horses, flying, magic, and pretty dresses. But I can honestly say you have got that part wrong. For some, that may be true, but for those less lucky, we struggled just as much as the next person. 

 Everyone had a family, it’s just that at one time or another they have may have been lost to somewhere impossible to find. That’s exactly what happened to me. Years before I had a family, a mother and father. Everyone knows that once the Queen came into power, all the villagers perished. 

 It just so happens, that my family was one of those who perished. We barely had any money, and had almost no food. In my family, magic wasn’t an option; my parents never wanted anything to do with magic. When I was younger my father would always try to explain to me that magic wasn't always good. But being like any other little girl, I always believed that magic made wishes come true and turned girls into princesses. It is only because of mistakes that I now know my father was right. 

My father was willing to do anything to help our family get by. Even if that meant making a deal with the one and only Rumplestiltskin. If you don’t know him, let’s just say he’s known for making deals. And no one, and I mean no one, breaks a deal with him. Rumplestilskin would only give my father gold if he were to give me away. But when my father refused, and instead stole it, his life was taken. All I remember is that one night, I woke up as usual, only to find my sobbing mother. And the chair my father would always sit in--empty. 

 His death drove my mother insane. She no longer knew what to do with herself. She was too deep in sadness to carry out the duties she had as a mother. After my father died, she wasn’t a mother; she didn’t even have a mind of her own. My mother used to be the most supportive and kind mother that any daughter could wish for. But who knew that the death of one could cause you to neglect another. 

I can honestly say that I have no idea what became of my mother, nor do I care.

After the tragic event of my father's passing I was left, a 14 year old girl, abandoned. I had nowhere to go, I had no gold, no money, and what was barely enough food for a day. I had no choice but to leave, to run away, or as I like to call it; going on an adventure.

For years I was on the road, and the only way I could survive was by stealing, and with that being my only skill, I managed to make quiet a lot of enemies. That’s why I never spent too long in one spot; I was always on the run. Running from both my past and the enemies I had made.  The only choice I had was the run and hide, but that wasn’t the life I wanted. Having nowhere else to go, and nothing to do, I boarded the Jolly Roger.

My plan was the start a new life, a new beginning to my majorly messed up life. I guess you can say that’s what happened. My life went from a girl peasant, to a teenager who had magic, friends, and went on adventures. The first time I stepped on Neverland, was when I was 15 years old. The one thing I wanted was to start over; I wanted a new life and a home. 

I was lost, and I guess it would be quite accurate if you called my a Lost Girl, because that is basically what I was. When you think of Peter Pan, most people think of the cheerful, bubbly boy that lived on Neverland, and could fly. That is the only fairy tale that the human world got long. I can not stress how wrong they got it. 

That fairytale was only true before, before he turned into the monster he is today. What he was is lost, and will never come back. Which is why, I am so grateful for that fact that I will never see him again. 

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