Chapter 26


"You're telling me that they're all here, looking for me. They're on Neverland right now?" Henry continues throwing his questions at me.

"Henry, I realize you have a lot of questions, and I understand. But we really need to get out of this place." I tell him, motioning for him to get ready to leave the camp.

"Where are we going to go?" He asks me. He was still the same Henry he was when he got here, he was just as curious and as likely to ask questions.

"We're getting as far away from this place as possible." I speak, answering his question. I had gathered all of my weapons. I wasn't planning on going anywhere without all of my weapons to protect me. My arrows and my bow, the one thing I knew I could protect Henry's life with. But just to be sure, I had slipped several knives and daggers into my belt.

"Are you ready to leave yet?" I ask him, in a hurry to get as far away from him as I could. I wasn't going to let us being slow get us caught.

"Yes," Henry says relieving some of the stress I had.

"Than let's get going," I say with urgency. Wendy, who was a little bit slower in the getting ready process had come to stand beside me.

"Wendy? I thought you were sick? You were lying in a bed, and I was told you were going to die." Henry exclaims with shock, his eyes wide.

"Look kid," I say, kneeling down to be at his level. "There are lots of things we need to tell you, but right now, we need to get the hell away from here, and make sure you don't go back to where you were." I tell him trying to get him to understand. He gulps, and with a nod we are on our way to the opposite side of the island.

"Pan's not who he says he is. Sure, that is his real name. But his motives are not going to do you good. Wendy is not in the slightest bit sick, and she never was. Pan lies, he doesn't tell the truth and he never will. He captured Wendy, locked her up in a cage for years. For years she's been held captive on this horrid island, by Peter Pan." I sneer through gritted teeth. Just think about all of the horrors he's committed made me cringe. "He captured me as well; well the lost boys did anyhow, and did the same to me." I continue to tell him that Pan was not to be trusted. We had been walking for nearly an hour and at a fast pace.

"Wendy doesn't need saving and neither does this island need to regain its magic. It's Peter who needs saving, his magic is dying out. And he needs the heart of the truest believer to save himself from whatever his fate holds." I continue on explaining.

"Everything he told me was a lie." Henry asks me, sounding hurt and betrayed.

"Every single word."

"Did you say that he captured you as well, and locked you up in a cage like Wendy?" Henry asks me.

"I did."

"You're the girl they were talking about!" Henry exclaims as if suddenly a light bulb in his head was turned on.

"They were talking about me?" I question, my eyebrows raised with disbelief.

"Yeah! They were talking about how you somehow defeated Felix, and were a threat. And they were also talking about a new mermaid in the waters. Were you the mermaid? Because you never mentioned a word about that before hand."

"Funny, she never mentioned that to me either," Says a voice. I knew who's voice that belonged to before I even turned my head. "I can't imagine why." He says again, walking nearer to where I stood. Without hesitation I gripped my bow, spun around on my heel to point the arrow directly at his chest. "And I think I forgot to formerly welcome you back to this place, I knew you couldn't resist it."

"Why are you here?" I growl, glaring straight through his eyes. He leaned his back against the tree, and crossed his arms over his chest. While I made sure that Henry was behind me.

"For quite a few reasons actually and if I may ask. Why didn't you tell me you were a mermaid? That's quite an interesting quality you have there. I really would've liked to know."

"I bet you would've." I say, not leaving my eyes from his.

"It's true, I would've. But that's not the true reason why I came. I came for Henry, to get him back. And I don't know if you've realized, but it's only a matter of time before I get him back. So just spare us both all of the time and trouble and hand him over now, when you still have the option." Pan tells me, his eyes never leaving my face.

"You seem to have forgotten, what I'll do to get people I want back. And I remind you, I am not hesitant to do it again." I remind him.

"You did it once, but yet I am back here again, standing in front of you. You see it's the game. Every shot you throw, I'll just come back harder. And no matter how hard you try, you'll just end up where you were the years before." I cringe at the thought of it. Of how horrible Neverland was.

"You seem to not notice what I can shoot at you at this very moment." I say, relating to the bow and arrow I still had aimed for his chest. "And I will very gladly let go of this string now." I say with the hatred that was built up inside of me.

"But I know you won't." Peter says as if it's an obvious fact we should've known. His eyes still piercing into mine, as if he was trying to slowly break me down.

"And why is that?" I ask him, not letting my bow waver the slightest bit.

"Because if you haven't looked around, I am just as prepared to shoot right back at you," He states, motioning to the lost boys positioned in the trees surrounding us.

"When has that ever stopped me?" My hand tightened the bow and I prepared to aim it. I wasn't scared of his arrows; I never have been so why should I start now.

"It never has, but things have changed." He said peering behind my back to look at Henry who stood behind me.

I pull the string back, planning to send a warning shot passed his head. I let it do to send it flying through the arrow. It grazed the side of his brow, and stabbed the tree behind him.

As a response I saw an arrow fly my way, and graze my stomach, cutting a gash along my ribs. It would've been just a graze, if it wasn't for one aspect. The Dreamshade. It instantly flooded into my system, blurring my vision. The poison ran throughout my body, causing immediate pain, and my whole body to weaken. I grasped whatever was behind me, the bark of a tree, in attempt to stabilize myself. But I fell backwards, slumping against the tree trunk. And slowly I slid farther down until I hit the ground, the thud vibrating throughout my bones.

My vision blurred, and slowly as ever began to fade. Until all I could see was a sliver of light, and then the blackness over came me.

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