Chapter 28

 You're my Spy

                I felt no pain, which was an odd feeling to have when poison was pulsing through your blood. I’d been out for minutes…hours…maybe even days. It was like I’d gone blind, deaf and been paralyzed all at once. I wasn’t dead, this couldn’t be death. I had no doubt that this wasn’t death. I was either stuck in some sort of limbo, or I was in a coma of some sort. Those were pretty much the only options that would make any sense. I felt like I could see, but at the same time all I saw was black. My ears seemed to echo with eerie silence.

                 The only thing I could feel where what seemed to be ropes tied around my wrists. My shoulders were pulled back forcing my arms behind my back. My body tingled, coming to life again. From my fingers to my toes, I felt like I was being pricked all over with needles. But I could still not force open my eyes no matter how hard I tried to.

                With every minute that passed the more awake I became. My ears were filled with the sound of wind rushing past, my breathing became steady, and I could now feel all of my limbs. I forced all of my sense to wake up. So I could now see what was before me, hear what was being said, and feel my surroundings.

                “I see you’re awake.” I turn my head as far as I could, straining on the roped binding me, to look at him.

                “I’d like to know why I’m awake. Because to be honest I thought you would have much preferred me dead.” I say, struggling against the ropes. Trying to free myself with both magic and strength.

                “That’s not going to work, no matter how hard you try. They’re unbreakable, I made sure of that. We couldn’t have you escaping now could we?” He just looks at me as I continue to struggle against the ropes.

                “Why am I even alive? Dreamshade is meant to kill, and it is inevitable to give death. But yet, I’m here, in front of you again. And I can’t help but wonder why that is.” I say, glaring at his, as I always will.

                “It’s pretty simple actually. We need help with a couple things, and you seem like a person fit to do the work we need done.” He says with a smirk that made me cringe.

                “And what makes you think I’ll do anything to help you?” I ask. I would’ve crossed my arms and expressed my annoyance if it weren’t for the fact that my arms were tied behind my back.

                “Because of a couple reasons actually.” He says, pausing to walk closer and closer to where I sat, tied to a chair. “First, you’ll be free of this chair.” He motions to my uncomfortable struggle with ropes. “And second, we have Henry.”

                “That doesn’t mean anything! You need Henry, and you need him alive! I’m not afraid of you hurting him when I know you won’t.” I shout, beginning to look for where he might be.

                “You didn’t let me finish…We have Henry, Wendy, and as of recently we have Neal.” He says with a hint of happiness. I didn’t say anything, I had nothing to tell him. I wasn’t going to just let Wendy and Neal die; I wasn’t that kind of person.

                “Ah, so now you’re interested.” He smirks, coming down to my level to stare me in the eye. “I need someone. Someone like you, to tell me what Emma and her little friends are up to. I need a spy, a spy that you will be, that will tell me everything that they do, or are planning on doing.”

                “Or what?” I sneer through my clenched teeth.

                “Or our little captives die one by one.”

                “There is a little problem with your plan.” I tell him, trying to avoid his eye contact and look away from his prying eyes.

                “And what is that?”

                “Emma and the rest trust me no more than they trust you at the moment. They already think I’m a spy. They no longer trust me, and I doubt they ever will trust me again! I mean I’ve been with you for the past week!” I exclaim, not willing to do what Pan asks of me.

                “And it’s my job to fix that isn’t it.” He says with a final smirk before he walks behind me to untie the knots that held me to the chair.

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