Chapter 4-We're Screwed

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Chapter 4

We're Screwed

“I don’t care how crazy, I might sound. I just believe that something isn’t right with this woman.” Emma says, letting out her anger.

“Look, I know you’re not jealous. But the thing is, everyone else doesn’t. And pursuing this idea of yours that Tamara is evil could affect a lot more things than you may like.” I say, fidgeting with my fingers.  During our discussion, Emma had tried to explain to me how and why Tamara made her suspicious. Things like having a list of names, and various other things. Sure, I believed her, but I didn’t think anyone else would.

“We need a plan.” She stated out of nowhere.

“A plan--for what?” I exclaimed, not wanting to get involved in a crazy plan of Emma’s.

“I’m suspicious, and I either need to confirm that suspicion or dismiss it. And as of now, I am stuck right in the middle.”

“Do you really think that both of us will be able to accomplish anything?  The last time you tried to fix something, you landed in a whole other realm. And I can guarantee that you do not want to relive that experience.”

 “I know, I know. Just help me with this one thing. And if I’m wrong we’ll let it go.” Emma tried to negotiate with me.

“Fine, but if we get caught, I just want to let you know that it’s not going to look good.” I say before gathering my things. I already knew that this so called plan of Emma’s wasn’t going to turn out well. I mean let’s be honest, nothing I’ve ever done has turned out the way I want it to be.

Emma is stuck on the idea that Tamara is evil and out to kill all of us. There are some rare circumstances where Emma’s gut instinct is correct. But there is a key word in the sentence and that is “rare”.

Emma and I had come up with a plan to investigate Neal and Tamara’s hotel room. And if we didn’t find anything she’d give up this crazy idea. And if we did…well that’s a whole other story. I slung by bag over my shoulder. 

I swung the door open only to stop short to prevent myself from running into Henry. “How long have you been there?” I ask him, hoping that he hadn't heard the entire conversation. But as always I was wrong. 

“Long enough to know things you don’t want me to.” He said. I just rolled my eyes, typical Henry. “So I guess this is it. Operation Cobra is back on.” He says as if it’s the most normal thing on earth. 

“Sure kid, but you have to cooperate.” Emma says as we walk out the door of the apartment.

We walked through the bitter cold. Trying to stay unnoticed, and not look suspicious all at the same time. I can honestly say we are failing.

As soon as we arrived at Neal’s hotel room Emma was down on her knees picking the lock with a bobby pin she has stuck in her hair before we left. I told Henry to stand guard. Emma told us all what the signal would be if someone came up. I was starting to get a bad feeling about this in my stomach. I tried to push it down as much as a could when I saw Emma turn the doorknob and step inside their hotel room.

I gently closed the door behind me, trying to be as catious as I could.

“The noise doesn’t matter! Let’s just find something to go on.” Emma instructed.

“Okay, Okay,” I mutter as I search the main room, looking for something. “Check the closet.” I tell Emma as I look through things on the desk.

“Nope nothing,” She said groaning. “But there is a bunch of sand—.”

Thump, Thump. Henry’s shoe whammed into the door. From the hallway we could hear the mumbles of Neal’s voice.

“We’re screwed.” I mutter as Emma sends me a glare. 

(A/N: I'm sorry that Peter Pan hasn't come into the story yet. I promise he will, I am just as excited for it as you are. It should be in the next couple of chapters, I just don't want to rush it. You know how some writers just input their character into the same exact words as the show? Well I'm not gonna do that, I'm gonna make it original, and make things more intresting. Anyways thanks for 1,000 reads!!!!!!!) 



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