Chapter 29

How is He so Cruel?

How could I have agreed to this? How did I somehow get wound up in one of Pan's schemes? He could kill, and he would kill Neal and Wendy without hesitation. That's why I was being dragged along, willingly, to wherever they were taking me. And that thought alone freaked me out.

They had come with some sort of plan to get me back to the rest of them. But I really didn't care what the plan was because I wasn't planning on going by the rules here. That's not how I work; I don't let people play me especially not Peter Pan. I'd play along for now, sure, because that's how things work. You play along, do what they say, but if they really knew you'd be screwed.

As of now I was still in the "doing what they tell you to" stage. I'd let them go along with their plan for however long is needed to convince them I'll behave. But since when have I ever behaved? They were dragging me along a path, vague I know, but that was all it was. It was a dirt path that swerved in and out of vines and under and over branches. They had tied my wrists together again. And the lost boy that was hold me, he was scared, well...terrified or even petrified is a better word for it.

I think he thought that at any moment, any second I would snap the ropes, whirl around to face him, and like take his heart out or something. But I wouldn't do that, only Regina would, but I wasn't going to tell him that either. He was almost to scared to touch me at all, or even hold the ropes that held my wrists together.

"We all know that plan, right?" Pan asks. A plan? Really, since when does Neverland have plans? All of the lost boys nodded, obviously knowing a hell of a lot more than I did at the moment. I was tugged forward by the ropes, and forced to stand by Pan.

"Since when do we make plans?" I asked him, refusing to step close or even look at him for that matter.

"Your job is to stay quiet, do as instructed, and be a damsel in distress. And since I know you are so rarely a damsel in distress, just act how Wendy would act. Be afraid like Wendy would be afraid, be scared and do not screw this up. Because if you do I guarantee your little friends will be dead in the matter of seconds." He threatens me. It almost makes me laugh, how he thinks he can actually threaten me. I wasn't scared, and I never would be but for something so simple I don't think he'll ever understand that. "Do you understand me?"

"Sure...whatever." I respond, not wanting cooperate with him.

"Really because it sounds like you don't." He says his voice more threatening than before, he forces me closer to him.

"I said I did, and you're not going to get anything else." I say back at him. He forces me through the words besides him. We walking in the direction of where I knew Emma's camp would be. I didn't know exactly what this plan was, but I think I had a pretty good idea.

"All you have to do is follow along, go with your instincts and no one gets hurt." I roll my eyes, annoyed with everything about this situation. "But if you make one mistake, they're dead." And somehow, no matter how harsh those words were supposed to sound, I didn't believe him one bit.

He was a coward, and I knew that, and everyone knew that. With one final push, I was pushed hands first into the ground of their campsite. Pan right behind me, holding the rope tight. He forced my back against his chest, and a knife came to my throat.

All eyes were on me. Those eyes belonged to Emma, Hook, and everyone else except for Neal.

"Haven?" A shocked voice asks me. It couldn't tell who it was. I wasn't looking at them, I couldn't because a knife was placed on my neck.

"If you're wondering if this is Haven, than the answer would simply be yes." Pan says with a certain hint of amusement in his voice. The blade of the knife digging deeper into my flesh by the second, and I could help but think why the hell am I doing this? "If you want her back-."

"Trust me! We do not want a traitor, someone who betrayed us, back." Hook screamed at me, he still hadn't let go of his anger.

"I know what it means to be a traitor. But she-a traitor? Trust me, she's too useless." Pan chuckles, the vibrations of his chest running through my body.

"Than why was she with you for so long?" Hook asks, if I could see him, I would say he'd be full on glaring at me.

"Because, I thought you'd come looking for, and maybe I'd have another advantage. But since no one ever came or even looked for her. She's pretty much useless to me, so I took Neal instead. I figured taking him would be quite affective." He says, I could almost see the grin he was sending at them all, and it made me want to vomit.

"So you're just giving her back to us?" Emma questions him further.

"I'm giving her back as a warning. As a warning to you all of what I can do and will do to all whom in any way try to defeat me. Because I can assure you it will never work." He says with what seemed to be all the confidence in the world. He drops the knife from my neck and lets it fall to the ground in front of my feet. He then releases the tight hold he had on my bonds, and thrust me forward, face first into the campsite. Sending me flying face first on the ground in front of me.

"And I advise you to take this warning seriously." He tells them all before vanishing into thin air. I sat up, from where I lay on the ground, and tried to untie my bonds. But without magic, it was nearly impossible. None of them no I have magic, and considering I no longer have their trust, that wouldn't be a good thing to tell them now. I continued to struggle with the ropes, until Snow, the only nice one. Came to cut me out of the tight knots Pan had tied my wrists in. She helped me get up, and was surprisingly showing kindness, which I wasn't expecting to find here.

"How did he ever become so cruel?" She asks, sounding stunned by what he had done.

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