Chapter 3


Over the years one of the few people I managed to befriend was Ruby or Red as the fairytale folk call her. I didn’t know her in my life before Storybrooke, and in many ways that’s a good thing.  I had some well let’s just say unpleasant pasts with people in Storybrooke. And Ruby managed to stay a friend with me throughout it all. Trips to Granny’s are one of the only things I looked forward to these days. Everything else in Storybrooke seemed dark and gloomy and nothing how fairytale characters should act. But that’s my opinion.

The bell of the diner chimed as the door swung open and closed. Henry ran off and slipped into a booth with Neal. While I went off to gossip with Ruby. She was my messenger of gossip or whatever else was going on at the moment. She kept me up with things. I knew just enough to stay out of it and sit on the sidelines without them noticing.

“Have you seen Emma today?” I asked her while sliding into a seat at the bar table. I hadn’t seen her at all this afternoon. Come to think of it, I hadn’t even seen her all day. Normally I would be a little worried. But considering all the things she’s dealing with, I think she deserves her space.

“No, you know her. She’s probably off trying to solve another mystery.” Ruby says while cleaning up the mess of the table in front of me. “Although the last time I did talk to her she was rambling on about someone. What’s her name…I think it’s Tamara.”

“The Neal’s wife to be Tamara? I can’t even begin to explain how crazy this woman is making her.”

“I better talk to her, although first I need to find her.” I say before grabbing my shoulder bag, waving goodbye to Henry and Neal, and running out the door.

I mean it’s normal for Emma to take things to the next level. And I get that she finds newcomers suspicious, everyone does. But I think when she goes this far, she needs someone to help her make decisions.

I walk down the sidewalk, heading toward the apartment.

I had hoped that Emma would be at home, and not off at some random secluded place that would be impossible to find. And for once she was exactly where I hoped she was. She was sitting on her bed, zoned out, and looked as though she really needed some help.

“Hey.” I say while collapsing on the bed besides her.

“I don’t want to talk.” She says blankly.

“Oh, I know you don’t want to talk. The good thing is, you don’t all you have to do is listen.”  I sit cross legged.

She groans inwardly, not wanting to hear another one of my rants. “Alright, fine I’ll talk. Just keep in mind. I am not a jealous ex, I just have my suspicions, and suspicions tend to lead to something.”  

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