Chapter 25

The Crazier it Gets 

                “Henry, wake up.” I say shaking his shoulder as much as necessary. He should’ve woken up by now, it’s been hours. In the meantime Wendy and I had found a suitable spot to camp for the night. It was far enough away from their camp that they wouldn’t find us by night.

                Henry had been unconscious for hours, longer than I had expected. I continued to shake him trying to if possible knock the spell out of him. I hit him on the arm one last time to have him grunt and roll over out of my reach.

                “Henry.” I say, kneeling over him, trying to get him to open his eyes. His eyes open, full of confusion and shock.

                “Haven?” He asks not believing that I was in front of him.

                “Hey.” I say, jumping up from my previous position of kneeling, and dusting of my clothes.

                “You’re…you’re here…?” Henry continues to stare at me with, if possible, more confusion. He had propped himself up on his elbows and had his eyes squinted against the sunlight.

                “And so is everyone.” I tell him, helping him up from the ground.

                “Everyone?” He asks me, his eyes going wide and his eyebrows rising.

                “Yeah kid, you have a lot of catching up to do.”

Pan’s POV

                “This doesn’t make any sense! She left, she disappeared, and she was taken! And now she’s back!” I exclaim with frustration. I was on a rant, telling Felix everything, and trying to come up with some answers that actually made sense. But I wasn’t coming up with anything.

                “She came back for Henry. She’s with Emma and her crew.” Felix says.

                “Why is it she’s so different? She’s changed, and now we have another threat to add to our list.” I say, rubbing my temple with my thumbs. It didn’t seem possible for her to be back, she’d been gone for years. I thought for sure she’d never come back. And if she happened to still be alive that last thing she would do was come here.

                “I agree that none of this crap makes sense, but don’t we have more important things to be worrying about?” Felix reminds me. “Like the fact that Henry was taken!”

                “And I remind you, Haven is the one who has him.” I say, looking up to glare at Felix from my position sitting on a bench. “To defeat your enemy you have to know them right?”

                “Yeah, so what’s the problem? Out of all the people on this bloody island, you’re the one who knows her best.” Felix tells me, but not making me feeling any better.

                “I used to know her. But that was before and this is now. And if you hadn’t noticed, things have changed.” I tell Felix in an exasperated tone. I used to be able to defeat her, when she was weaker, when she was slower. But things have changed, and I think it’s pretty clear she’s no longer the girl she was. “How did you get her in a cage in the first place?” I ask Felix, not understanding how he managed to accomplish that.

                “Let’s just say she wasn’t in the same form.” He stammers, clearly hiding something from me.

                “The same form? Felix! Tell me what you know.” I demand of him, not planning to wait long for his response.

                “She’s not just human. She’s more than that. You know how you said you used to know everything about her. Well…I don’t think that was quite true. I think she did in fact manage to hide one thing from you. But…let me warn you, this thing, isn’t just some small detail.” Felix says, taking way too long to state his point.

                “Felix…” I warn him. “What is she?” I ask, the words nearly coming out as a hiss.

                “The way we captured her, was in the water. How do I put this…She’s a mermaid.” Felix stammers, fearful for my reaction.

                “She’s a bloody mermaid! Not only does she kick ass in battle and have magic but now she’s a bloody mermaid as well! How the hell does that even work?” I raise my voice, my frustration taking me over. This situation just keeps getting more and more messed up.

                “You are the one who told her about the mermaids of Neverland to begin with, so don’t go looking at me.” Felix claims, trying to calm me down but it just made my blood boil with anger.

                “Shut up Felix!” I yell at him.

                “Okay, god.” He says, raising his hands in defense. “Now, can we go get Henry back?” He asks me, giving me a questioning look.

                “Fine…but you have better be prepared for whatever she has in mind.” I say, referring back to what she had so recently done to us. My mind flashing back to what she had done. She’d defeated Felix, all of the lost boys, and me, and I certainly wasn’t going to let that happen again.

                “Trust me, we’re prepared.” Felix tells me with much more confidence than I expected him to have.

                “If you say so.” I sigh, putting my head in my hands. Felix swung his staff onto his shoulder, took one last look at me, before he begun to walk off into the distance.

                “One more thing,” Felix voice begins, making me raise my head to face him. “I don’t think you’re scared of what she’ll do. I think you’re scared that somehow, you’ll let the feelings, I know you have, back in.” 

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