Chapter 37


Haven's POV

I couldn't feel anything, except for a small tingle in my fingers, or in least I thought it was my fingers. I couldn't see, feel, or hear anything. My ears were filled with empty noise, and my eyes could see nothing but blackness. I was either asleep, knocked out, or dead. But knowing Regina, I was most likely knocked unconscious.

I hadn't known exactly what they had meant about "using me to their advantage" or something, but the thought was beginning to freak me out. They wouldn't actually kill me would they? They'd never be that cruel. At least I hoped they'd never go that far. I had to wake up soon, I hoped that I'd be able to wake up at all, who knows what they did to me. But I did know that the sooner I woke up was the best. Regina and Hook could be planning some evil scheme to plot against me at this very second.

There wasn't anything I could do, I couldn't force myself to wake up when I wasn't even sure if that was possible. All I had was my thoughts, and memories, everything else was dead silent.

Peter's POV (It's been awhile)

She was such a stupid girl sometimes, honestly. Sometimes she is just full of stupidity. I mean how could she be stupid enough to do what she did, I trained her better than that. She knew that leading them all into the Cave of Echoes would destroy everything, or at least I thought she did. And it was all for Neal and the weak girl, Wendy. She should have known better. She should have known that all she's accomplish is the collapse of their 'group'.

But as of now, she wasn't what I had to worry about. Henry was more important at the moment. He had become suspicious, a smart kid he is. He no longer trusts me, he knows Haven's here, he knows everyone's here which makes this all the more difficult. He needs to trust me in order for my plan to work.

I had been pacing continuously, walking back in forth, and pounding my brain for an answer. I needed to solve this trust issue he had, because for everything to work properly, he needs to trust me. I couldn't have Haven screwing with his brain; she's messed up enough stuff already. It would be best if she was just out of the picture completely in my opinion. But I of all people know that's easier said than done.

"You really need to stop pacing; it's really getting on my nerves!" Felix complains, looking up at me from his spot on the ground.

"Well I'm sorry I'm stressed out when our whole plan is collapsing as we speak!" I yell at him. I was already aggravated, but him butting in was the last thing I needed.

"It's not that bad, things could be much worse." He tries to argue.

"Not that bad, Felix. Do you realize that for once in our lives we could be losing? And you know something? Pan never loses, and he's not about to start." I snarl, getting pissed at pretty much everything.

"But you've always had a plan, and like you said, we're not about to start losing. So don't, play the game. And come up with a lie, come up with another scheme to keep Henry on your side like you always do." Felix lectures.

I just sigh, rubbing my temple with my thumbs, having no clue what to do. We were interrupted by a lost boy busting through the bushes to stand before us.

"People..." he gasped for air, out of breath from his run here. "Them...they'" He stammers, pointing to the direction of the camp. Taking no time to think, both Felix and I run in the direction he pointed. Our feet pounding on the hard ground, as we weaved through trees until camp came into view.

We skidded to an abrupt stop, and slowly, cautiously entered camp. There they were...every single one of them. Even Rumpelstiltskin and their expressions said it all. They were pissed, angry, and somehow there was a hint of sadness as well.

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