Chapter 17-Wendy?

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Chapter 17


                My tail thrashed out wildly with desperation to be free of the binds. My body straining against the ropes that surround my entirety.  The ropes, digging into my flesh as I desperately tried to escape.  Magic, the one thing that might be able to save me from whatever was planned to become of me.

                “Boys, pull it out of the water.” I heard a muffled voice say through the foamy water. According to the boys comment I am now referred to as an “it”. And I don’t know about you, but I am not very fond of that nickname. There has to be a way to break these freaking binds. I have to, I can’t just let them bind, and tie me up, and that’s just not how this is going to work.

                My eyes stung with salt water, as I tried to see exactly who I was up against. My vision blurred as the ropes grew tense and pulled as someone struggles to pull me out. The chilly air hitting me as soon as the net was lifted out of the water.

                “So, girl, mermaid, whatever you creatures call yourself, we’re going to play a little game.” A boy, who I was unable to identify, spoke. “First, we ask the questions and you answer.” He says his voice cold.

                The chilly air crying my, what was a tail. The scales of the tail were slowly dissolving and disappearing into nothingness. To reveal my black shorts clad legs, my used to be mermaid self transforming back into the original curly haired me.

                “I see that you’re not exactly a mermaid.” The unknown voice speaks up.

                “Yeah that could be another way to put it.” I stammer through gritted teeth.  The ropes of the net, or whatever you would call this, digging into my skin.

                “I see she’s a feisty one.” He chuckles, still leaving me straining to see his face.

                “True that.” I mumble under my breath, not wanting anyone to hear my comment. I could already tell that my so called captures were lost boys. Which didn’t make me scared; it actually made me feel quite lucky. I mean, you never know who you might run into in Neverland, and at least I know I can handle a few lost boys.

                “Put her down on the ground.” The voice commands. I had a pretty good guess of who this “person” was. Without a doubt it was Felix. The leader of these out of control lost boys. I was roughly tossed on to the sand, landing with a harsh impact.

                I had a plan, and it wasn’t just to let them capture me. In different circumstances, I might have been fighting. I would b fighting to get out of their grasp, to run away. But as of now, I had motives to do otherwise. Henry, he was out there, at the Lost Boy’s camp, being held captive. And I knew from experience that the one way to get inside is to be captured.

                They’d lead me right to camp, and that is where the plan would take action. I wouldn’t try to take Henry with me when I escaped. No. I knew that wouldn’t work, I need another plan of action, figure out what goes on inside and then get Henry.

                I kept my head down as Felix walked in front of me, his boots kicking sand at my face. He ripped the net off of me.

                “Now, girl. Listen to me when I say, do not struggle. Or you will, and I guarantee this, end up worse off than you are now.” Felix attempts to threaten me. His arms forced me up, binding my wrists behind my back.  “Now walk!” He commands, not scaring me a bit. I found it a little amusing, how first, he didn’t recognize me, and second, how he thinks he has more power.

                But, I go along with it anyway, knowing that I can’t blow my cover before we get to camp. I was thrust into darkness when something was slipped over my head, and tied.

                “Now, remember what I said about behaving.” Felix murmurs into my ear before ripping what was on my head off. We had made it to camp, and it was honestly nothing like how I remembered. But, it had been a couple years since I’ve been here.

                “I’m not going to tell you anything, because first, there is nothing to tell. And second, why would you bastards deserve to hear what I know?” I stammer, letting out a little steam.

                “Oh don’t say that. I think you’ll give in to us eventually.” He says.

                “Sure I will.” I scoff, only to be shoved forward. Why couldn’t I have made a different plan? One that didn’t involve me being tossed around, and acting like I couldn’t handle myself. I can’t even begin to explain how much I want to punch this kid in the face—again.

                “Who are you?” He asks, looking at me, not even a spark of recognition lighting up.

                “Well…I’m a mermaid…obviously. And…I guess you could also call me a girl. Which, just about sums me up. Oh, and I like to swim.” I tell him, trying to hit a nerve.

                “What don’t you get about behaving?” Felix asks, scanning me up and down.

                “I guess you could say a lot of things, I mean I love to be rebellious.” I state with boredom.

                “That sucks for you, because that just so happens to be a way to never survive on Neverland.” He says, pulling on my restraints towards an unknown location.  “I don’t like dealing with nuisances. People like you tend to survive for a very little time.”

                He pulled on my binds, causing me to stumble clumsy behind him as he kept on tugging. “I have a special place for you, until a special someone has a little chat with you.” He pulled me through the jungle, off to the side from the rest of the camp. Leading me to a place I had no memory of.

                “I have a cage that I think will be perfectly suitable for you.”

                “A cage, really? Just to inform you, I’m not a dog.” I state, glaring at Felix.

                “Yeah…but that really doesn’t matter now does it.” He says before shoving me into the cage, and locking it behind me. Oh joy. I’ve been in these before. Believe it or not, they really aren’t that difficult to free yourself from.

                I could hear whimpers and cries from the next cage over. A girl, a young one, who was obviously frightened. She was sobbing and gasping for air. I recognize that voice, from another life time, in this same retched place.




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