Chapter 31

Trust her? 

                True love was supposed to conquer everything wasn’t it? All my life I’d been told that love overpowers all that no matter what true love will prevail. Everything was supposed to work out, be perfect and never break apart. We’d be together forever, fight side by side, and love each other.

                No evil can destroy love, or so I was told. I loved him, and he loved me, or at least I thought. He was the same at the beginning, except for the small hint of yellow I could see in his eyes. The blazing yellow eyes that all of the shadows had possessed. That hint of yellow I saw, I had dismissed as nothing. But I could help but feel like every time my fingers just barely brushed his skin, I was touching true evil. And that disturbed me, even terrified me.

                Evil was inside of him, there was no denying it, it was there and it had been for weeks. He was filled with darkness no matter how hard he tried to push it down, it was overpowering him and his heart and soul were becoming evil too. Instead of the magical place Neverland used to be it was filled with darkness. It wasn’t noticeable to the eye, but it was there. Everywhere I went I could sense it, and feel it throughout my body. It affected me more than other, or it could have been the other way around. I remained unchanged, and frightened of the evil spreading around us. While the others seemed to welcome the darkness into their lives with opens arms. I’m not sure whether the fact that darkness was taking over or that we were just letting it happen freaked me out more.

                Peter, he had changed. He’d be himself for moments with me, and seconds later he’d be different. His soul would suddenly be filled with the darkness of evil. Everything we had was lost, and I feared I’d never find away to find it again. It was like I was searching blind with no way to see in front of me. I hated the feeling of being lost; I didn’t have a clue of what to do. ‘

                My heart was telling me to stay, to live with what part of Peter there was left. Although there wasn’t much. I still wanted to stay, to see him every day, and pretend that things were still the same. But that soon change, and quickly too. His eyes, they weren’t the same. His words where different and his voice was harsh. He no longer cared and everything we had was lost.

                I told myself to leave, I forced myself to leave. I had no choice, because if I had decided not to leave, I would have been thrown into a cage. There was no love in his eyes; he was not the same Peter as before. He was far from it.

                You’d think that true love’s kiss would work. And it very well may have, but I never had a chance to test that theory. I never got that close to him again, and I would never get Peter back. No matter how hard I tried.

                “Why is she here? She could easily be a spy!” Hook exclaims. I was really starting to hate Hook. Why was he so against me? I mean all I did was turn into a mermaid, and you know, stay with Pan for a couple days.  

                “Hook! Did you not pay attention to anything that just happened! Pan came, and he told us that she’s not a spy!” Snow shouts back, becoming defensive.

                “And all so suddenly we now trust what Pan says?” He had a point there. Since when does anyone trust what Pan has to say. But I wasn’t going to voice my opinion if it meant getting their trust back.

                “He held a knife to her throat and practically threw her into our campsite. By the looks of it they aren’t very friendly.” Emma tells him, but looking just as confused in the situation. I couldn’t blame them; even I was a little confused.

                “Look, does it really matter if she’s spying on us? What we should really be focusing on is getting Henry back. Besides if she is really a spy, we could just kill her.” Regina says, looking impatiently at all of us.

                “Kill Her?” Snow shouts, turning to face her.

                “Only if it’s necessary and lucky for her it isn’t on the top of my list.” She says with a smirk. Scratch that there are now two people in this group that I hate, Hook and Regina. “Speaking of Henry, did you see him when Peter was so called holding you captive?” She asks indicating she didn’t believe my story one bit. I mean technically I was held against my will, put into a cage, captured as a mermaid, and tied to a chair.

                “Yeah, he’s okay. I mean he’s okay considering there circumstances. But I wasn’t able to tell him much, other than the fact that we’re all here for him.” I say looking up at them all from my position on a log.

                “Are you sure he’s okay?” Emma asks, immediately coming to sit next to me.

                “I’m sure. He seemed fine, maybe a bit shaken up, but that’s about it.  Pan can’t kill Henry, he needs him alive. But Neal and Wendy, that’s another story.

                “Wendy…as in Wendy Darling?” Emma questions me. Is she really just realizing how screwed up this all actually is.

                “Yeah, Pan kept her prisoner for years. She was too weak to escape of course and has been locked up in a cage for years on end.” I tell them, retelling her story.

                They were all pacing, or doing something to show their annoyance. None of them knew how to get Henry back, and they all were desperately searching for a plan.

                “I can help you get Henry and Neal back, but that’s only if you learn to trust me.” I tell them, looking at all of their faces as they turn to face me.

                “Fine, but if you step out of line once, you’re dead…literally.” Regina threatens me, almost causing me to let out a chuckle.

                “What…?” Hook exclaims, not believing that they were agreeing to this totally insane idea. He’d have to learn to trust me, I mean I am the only hope they have.

                “Hook! Shut up and listen to the damn girl! She’s going to help us get Henry whether you like it or not.” 

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