Chapter 16

A New Mermaid in the Waters

                Swimming always clears my head, no matter when or where it is and will always be my escape. Ever since well…forever, it calms my nerves, and keeps me from, at times, exploding with anger. I can’t believe I’m actually saying such a thing, but I do miss this one small part of Neverland. I miss the crystal clear water, the feel of the water sliding over my skin as I dove deeper and deeper.

                I never cared about the dangers of swimming in the open waters of Neverland; I get too lost in my own thoughts to even notice the things around me.  The one thing I do while swimming is think, I don’t pay attention to my surroundings, I kind of drift to a different place while I’m still in the water.

                You’ve heard all those stories, and fantasies on how amazing and beautiful it would be to live the life of a mermaid. That it’s magical, breath taking and a dream come true. It’s all of that, and more. I don’t care about the so called “friends” I just left because I’d rather feel free than feel bottled up by all their anger.

                I’d like to say that the waters of Neverland have remained exactly the same since the last time I was emerged in it. But if I did, I’d be wrong. The one place I enjoyed so much, the one place that seemed to have the most life, destroyed. The sand that used to be so pure, white with only rocks and glass, was now full with debris and trash, that I thought never would occur here on Neverland.

Pan’s Point of View (cue to fangirl!)

                “Felix, I need you to mind the camp while I settle some business.” I say. It seems that Emma and her “gang” have succeeded in getting on my nerves. All they do is screw with my plans, and get in the way of my workings.

                “Before you go, I have news. News that you, Pan, may want to hear.” Felix mutters, approaching me.

                “What of?” I ask, jumping down from the tree.

                “I’ve discovered someone, or as you like to call them, something new, in the waters of Neverland.” Felix says, grasping my curiosity.

                “There’s a new mermaid, and yes, I know, mermaids don’t necessarily grab your attention. But this ones, different, and I think it’s worth investigating.”

                “Investigating? Are you considering attacking this mermaid?” I question. Mermaids are the confusing sort of creatures, they are deceiving and seductive, and not the sort to mess with. I’ve had my fair share with failed attacks on mermaids.

                “Not exactly what I was planning to do, I just think that it might be useful to survey, and investigate one of these creatures.” Felix suggests.

                It wasn’t the worst idea I mean, if this mermaid was in some way different, we could use her to our advantage.

                “If you and the Lost Boys want to go on some sort of adventure, I’m not preventing it. I’m just telling you now, I will not like it if we lose perfectly decent boys to a mermaid.” I say before disappearing into the woods to have a little chat with Emma and her little friends.

Felix’s Point of View

                “Listen up, Boys!” I strain my voice to be heard by all of them. “I’m sure you’ve all heard of the legendary mermaids of Neverland, I’ve decided it’s time for you to have a little lesson as to how they act in the wild.

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