Chapter 36

 You're a Liar

                I took one shaky breath, afraid of tears spilling from my eyes. I was scared, honestly petrified with fear. I think it was the first time in forever that I felt genuinely scared. That if at that moment if I made one wrong move my whole world would come crashing down.

                The floor shook, indicating the stone bridge had finally stretched out far enough to reach the opposite side. But no one moved, no matter how excited Emma must have been to see Neal, she didn’t move an inch. And neither did the rest of them. All of their eyes were on me. Like they expected me to do something, when honestly I was just as shaken up as the rest of them.

                Not one of them spoke; it was just pure silence surrounding us.  

                “You what?” Regina screamed, her voice echoing from wall to wall. She lunged forward, and by her actions she was ready to literally tear me apart. Charming took her arms to keep her from tackling me to the ground. I stumbled backwards, looking at all of their expressions.

                Snow’s…hers was the same loving one as always. She was the only that new my story (or in least part of it) before a few seconds ago. Regina looked furious, not far off from what she usually looks like. Except right now it looks like she could blow my head off. Charming…wasn’t far off from Snow’s. He was like a father to me; I didn’t want him to suddenly think of me as an evil betrayer. And lucky for me, his expression wasn’t half as furious as Hook’s.

                Hook had been right all along, which might be the reason why he’s the most pissed. He had predicted what was true. That I’d been here before, with Pan. All of it was right, even though at the time I had denied the truth. His facial expressions showed true fury. His fists were clenched, and he had already taken a step forward.

                “I was right, all along?” Hook questions. But I ignore him, turning to face Emma. She looked torn apart, her eyes glistening with threatening tears. It’s not like I hadn’t wanted to tell her. I tried to; I just didn’t have it in me.

                I couldn’t bring myself to speak, so instead Snow spoke for me. “Look, we all have secrets! And we all have a reason for keeping them. And for all she has done for us you still judge her for her past. Even though ours are just as awful, if not worse! You can’t blame her for all the problems we’re facing now, her past isn’t her fault! She’s done so much for us, and you turn on her now? She helped us around the island, given us her advice, and helped us rescue Neal. In fact, if she hadn’t told us her secret we wouldn’t have gotten here.” She says, standing between me and the rest of them.

                “Except that’s not really true, is it?” Hook tells, raising his voice to a yell. “She hasn’t been honest with us. And if she told us earlier, she could’ve helped us more, and actually been useful. Not to mention the fact that she practically spent a week with Pan. And now, now that we know her past we have all the more reason to be suspicious. Who knows what they did? They could be hooking up behind our backs for all we know!”

                “Oh yes! Because I’d definitely betray Henry, Emma, and all of the people I love for him!” I yell sarcastically.  

                “Do ‘all of those people you love’ include Pan? Because if I’m not mistaken you did just admit to us you loved him.” Hook shouts, walking past Snow, to be closer to me. He wanted to kill me, I could tell.

                “We’re wasting our time! We could be saving Neal and Wendy right now! But instead you are stuck on the idea that I’ve betrayed all of you. And I guarantee you I haven’t. I’ve lived in Storybrooke for as long as all of you! For years! And you still don’t trust me; I’ve lived with some of you! And now because all of a sudden you know my past you decide to turn your backs on me!”

                “Yeah, that is pretty much how it works. You’ve been lying to us for years! Which just makes all of this a thousand times worse! It doesn’t make it any better knowing that you’ve lied to use for years!” Hook shouts. “And sure, you led us to this cave. But honestly if I do say myself, I didn’t care about saving Neal. I didn’t even want to. So what value have you really been to us? Well…none. Except now, now that we know your secret you can be. We can use you to get what we want!” Hook laughs.  “And I don’t care if only one or two of you are with me; this is our chance to defeat Pan. And I am certainly not going to give it up.”

                “And what are you planning to do? Pan already knows everything I’ve told you. Because I lived it with him!” I scream, anger pulsing through my veins.

                “Oh trust me, we won’t tell him this. We can use it against him. Now that we know a special someone has feelings for you, we can use you to get my son back.” Regina states, with a smirk. She raised her palm to face me, sending a curse of dark magic towards me.

                Everything went black. I wasn’t sure if it was just me, or if I was just seeing black around me. But I did know that I was completely and utterly screwed. 

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