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Chapter 21

Cheaters Never Win

                My mind kept wandering back and forth from the fact that Wendy was in Pan’s possessions and well anything could be happening or be done to her. She had stupidly gotten herself caught again. I think I’ve figured out why she’s still locked up on this island. But I couldn’t help but feel a little empathy.

                I’ve dealt with the same evil that she has, I’ve dealt with pain far worse than her suffering. No one deserves the pain that Pan is capable of giving, including, Wendy.  Pan could torture or worse kill here. For Wendy the slightest pain is multiplied, she’s not strong, and could easily succumb to their torture.

                I slip my legs to the side, hanging them off of the branch I sat upon. My shoes dangled in mid air, threatening to fall the whole way to the ground. I jumped down, the bark scraping my skin as I slide of. Branch by branch I approach the ground.

                Wendy is the type of girl that I am beginning to think loves to be the damsel in distress. No matter if she’s freed, let go, or somehow escapes, it never lasts for long. Saving her wouldn’t be easy, I knew where to look of course, but when she cracks, they’ll know where to find me. Which make it all the more challenging.

                I know I may seem like the kind of person who wouldn’t care about anything as long as it wasn’t me who was in distress. But, that’s not the case, I’ve learned in the past, don’t leave anyone behind. Because it’s a fact that the future is lonelier without them in it.  

                I let out a huff of aggravation when my fee hit the mossy surface of the ground.

Peter’s POV

                “Shall we put Wendy back in her cage?” One of the boys asked.

                “Her cage?” I chuckle. “Now why would we do that, when could do something much more productive?” I say hinting my plans for Wendy.

                “Than what do you wish for me to do with her?” I turn my head to face a young boy, obviously inexperienced, trying to contain Wendy.

                “Tie her to a chair; we need to have a little chat.” I say, watching as the boy struggles to obey my commands. “and quickly!” I bark another order.

                “Yes Pan,” the boy stammers, dragging Wendy along with him. He shoved her down and bond her to a wooden chair, that leaned backward with the weight.

                Wendy struggled against the ropes, determined to break the unbreakable binds.

                “That’ll never work.” I mention, motioning towards her relentless struggles.

                “Well, I’ve learned from quite a few people on this island, that anything is possible.” She stammers through her clenched teeth.

                “And who might those people be?” I ask, my gaze remaining as still and stern. I walk to stand directly in front of her, towering above her timid form.

                “A person you fear.” She says with the confidence she never used to have.

                “A person I fear?” I chuckle with disbelief. “Why would I fear anyone when I, myself, am the lone king?”

                “That’s what you think but boys tend to have a hint of stupidity.”

                “Stupidity?” I growl, stepping forward, only inched from her face. I was close enough to see the glistening tear drops in her eyes.

                “Who is he? Who is this so called person I fear?”

                “Who is she? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.” Wendy stammers. She? What would cause me to ever be afraid of a girl? Girls are powerless, all of them as weak and as rich as Wendy.

                “I’ve told you, she’s someone you fear, and for now, that’s enough for you to know.” Wendy says. When had she become this? Who gave her the courage, the confidence to suddenly to rebel against the figure who had kept her captive for hundreds of years? Who was she to question my power on the island I rule?

                Wendy sat her hands bond and strained behind the bars of the chairs. Her hair clung to her sweaty brow in tangles; her posture showed that she was confident and prepared. But the look in her eyes was one of pure horror, and terror.

Haven’s POV

                I sat on the highest branch of the tallest tree I could find. I hovered above Pan’s camp, the camp where Wendy was being held against her will. In the midst on the leaves, branches and brush of green, I sat, hidden by the jungle surrounding me. Through the small gaps, I could see through to the ground, where Wendy was held captive, bound to a chair, and Pan interrogated her.

                “You are going to regret not telling me her name.” Pan says with frustration, trying to scare Wendy into telling him my name. It wasn’t going to work, in least I hoped it wasn’t going to.

                “Oh trust me, I know. But the thing is. The key to winning your “games” is the element of surprise. And as long as you don’t know her name, I hold the advantage.” Wendy stammered. I could tell she was about to crack. This wasn’t Wendy, and the one she was being certainly wasn’t going to last much longer. She’s not anywhere near this confident. She’s never been brave, she’s never had the courage to break free, yet now but for once she’s different.   

                “My games can’t be won and they most certainly cannot be cheated. Because we all know that cheaters never win, don’t we?” Pan sneers with venom dripping from his voice.

                “Winning isn’t cheating when it’s done right.” Wendy stammers. Wendy was now filled with strength, and courage that seemed to have no source. She’s been given some sort of…hope. Hope that I might be able to kill Pan, that I would end this battle once and forever.

                But that’s my problem. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it. Sure, I could stab a dagger through his back and have it be done with. But I don’t have the heart to kill one who it once belonged to. No matter how hard I try, I’ll never be able to forget who he was. I’ll never forget that I loved him and he loved me. I’ll never forget the person he once was and will always hope to find that person deep within him.  That somehow he still exists, and I fear that’ll be the death of me.

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