Chapter 13-You're not that Bad After All

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Chapter 13

You're not that Bad After All

The moment I slammed the boy into the tree behind him his neck snapped back, throwing the hood covering his identity off of his face.


He lifted his head backup, with the same wicked grin plastered on his face. At moments like this, I tend to be thankful for the darkness of night.

"Girl, if I were you, I'd regret that." Felix laughs murderously. "Here's a tip, don't start a battle that you can't finish." He threatens me, pulling his blade out from his belt, and swinging it dangerously out in front of him.

"Who ever said I couldn't finish it?" I mutter.

"All we want to know is where Henry is, and why he's taken. We don't want to hurt you." Emma tries to negotiate, obviously having different plans than I had.

"It's funny how you think it's just that easy to deal with me." Felix laughs, spinning his sword in circles and inching closer and closer. If he's planning to hurt us, than I guess it's time for Plan B. "Henry's gone, and most certainly isn't coming back. He's happier where he is now, than where he's ever been before."

It's one thing to call girls weak, but it's another to tell as little boy's family that they'll never get him back. I'm not afraid of his sword, why would I be when I helped train him. He doesn't know who he's messing with.

Me, an experienced Neverlander, and Emma, an overprotective mother that just lost her son.

"Okay, that's it." I mutter, before bringing my sword out in front of me, prepared to fight him.

"A girl holding a sword. I'm so scared." Felix smirks, gripping his blade.

"You should be." I murmur before going full kick-ass mode on him. I immediately lunge towards him, straining my eyes to see in the dark. I had a plan, believe it or not. It wasn't to kill him, it was just to knock him out, and teach him a lesson or two.

First, start off with disarming him. I told myself, our swords clanked together continuously until I thrust his blade out of his hands and let it fly into the darkened abyss. He stumbled backwards, as if suddenly realizing that he shouldn't have challenged me. His were eyes straining to see what my next move would be. I couldn't help but smile at my success.

Next, surprise the attacker. I advised myself. Reviewing my training in my head. I thrust my arms out in front of me, my palms whamming into his chest, sending his flying backwards, and into a tree. His eyes widened as he flew backward, his head whamming into the rough bark of the tree trunk. He jumped up, trying to regain his composure

Step three, beat the crap out of the enemy. Not planning to kill Felix, I threw my sword into the dirt, and kicked my feet out from under me. My left foot slammed into Felix's chin, while my right foot whammed into his chest. I landed back, on my two feet to see a stunned Felix back up against the rough surface of a tree, fear in his eyes. I stepped closer and closer to him until we were as close as possible.

"Next time, know your opponent before making the first move." I grit my teeth together, before bringing my knee up, and letting it sink into his abdomen, grabbing his shoulders and forcing his whole body to the ground. His body crumbled to the ground in a heap. I felt no regret, they destroyed my life here, and they deserved everything they got.

"Where on earth did you learn to do that?" Emma asks completely bewildered, coming up behind me.

"How much knowledge do you have of hand on hand combat?" Peter asked me. Over the course of the last week, Peter had given me a bunch of test. And what I mean by tests physical, defensive, and weapon tests.

He's fixed on getting me ready. But my question has always been "Ready for what?"

"Not very much, why?" I ask, honestly nervous for what he had in store for me today.

"I think it's time that you learn how to handle yourself in a battle, when you have no weapon to use to your advantage. In fact, I want you to be so good, that you'd rather fight with your own body than with a weapon to your defense."

"I'm not very coordinated with my hands and feet." I stammer, telling the truth.

"And that's where I come in." He says, grasping my hand, as he drags me towards the training field. I followed him, not having a choice, as he dragged me along.

"Why are we doing this?" I ask him, groaning.

"I already told you why. I think the question you are really asking is 'do I really have to?'" He laughs at my reaction.

If Peter thought he would actually succeed in teaching me, he was dead wrong. I never had good coordination. I was always clumsy, and I could easily trip over my own feet.

"I'm going to help guide you. Just do what I tell you." He says, standing a few feet away from me. I just stare at him, too timid to fight Peter.

"Oh, come on! I'm not going to hurt you!" He laughs, trying to encourage me to fight him. "There has to be some anger inside of you. In some small corner, there must be something you want to let out."

"I'm not going to fight you!" I exclaim shocked.

"And why's that? Are you afraid of hurting me?" He chuckles, try to get me to hit him.

"Well no, I'm afraid of it being the other way around." I say, truthfully.

"I already told you that I wasn't going to hurt you, so just relax, and I'll teach you the steps. "Punch me." He commands.

"No! Why would I?"

"Come on! Punch me, it'll get out your anger." I can't believe I'm actually doing this. I give a weak shot, punching him in the shoulder lightly.

"Seriously? I'm sure you can do better than that! I know you're a girl, but you can't actually be that weak!" I sigh, letting out a breath of air, before going back at it. Punching him harder, and harder each time. "See, you're not that bad after all! Don't just use your fists, there are so many more things you could be using. For example, your feet, knees, legs, and elbows. So use them."

"Are you kidding me?" I scoff.

"Look, I'm trying to do you a favor here, the least you could do is participate." So that's what I did, I punched, kicked, and elbowed him, trying to accomplish something. I thrust my elbow, towards his chest, only my arm it to be caught by his hand, twisted around, and my whole body forced to the ground.

I groaned as my back came in contact with the hard earth underneath me, my head slamming down on the dirt.

"You see, the trick is to always be stronger, better, and more powerful than your opponent, and that includes me." Peter teaches, as he offers his hand to help me up. I accept, our fingers entwining as he holds onto my hand, pulling me up in one motion, causing me to stumble forward into him. I awkwardly step back out of his grasp and let go of his hand, mourning the loss of contact.

"How will, I ever become better than you?" I question, trying to get rid of my blush at the same time.

"You never know, you might surprise yourself," He says, a smile creeping up on his lips. "Oh and you may want to learn to control your clumsiness." His words ringing in my ears as his eyes sparkle from the sun, and land directly on mine.

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