Chapter 23

The Fight of Cowards

“Well you are in for some disappointment. Neverland is my land and is under my rule and no other.” Pan says, glaring at me.

“I could say the same of myself.” I mutter, I kept my head on the ground not daring to meet his eye.

                “You’d say you rule Neverland, now would you?” Peter half laughs half questions me.

“I’d say I did. But I didn’t come to explain things; I came to get Wendy back.” My head down and vision covered but my voice remained strong.

“Unfortunately I don’t give things back, you have to win.” Pan smirks, his voice creeping up into my ears, and sending shivers down my spine.

“And unfortunately for you, I’m good at winning.” I say my fingertips self consciously making their way down to my weapons. Brushing against the cold metal of my knives, I prepare for pretty much anything Pan had in store.

“So am I.” Pan said with pride. Why is it that he always smirks? Was it to mock me, or to intimidate me away? Whatever it was, it wasn’t going to work on me.

I braced myself in every way possible, prepared to fight, and kick the hell out of him. He took one step forward, pulling his sword out of his sheath, and pointing it straight at me. My hand on my belt, I took one of the throwing knives in my hand, the blade glinting in the sunlight. Spinning it in the grip of my hand, I aim at my target, his heart.

I send it hurtling through the air, straight towards where Pan stood. With the splintering of wood, the knife wedged into the tree that was behind where Pan once stood. He’d disappeared, transported somewhere else.

“You used magic. Now that’s not fair now is it?” I said, spinning around to check behind me. He wouldn’t just disappear like that, Peter Pan does not give up, and he’s not going to change that now.

“Using magic’s unfair? You’d rather fight without it?” Pan asks me, appearing out of nothingness right in front of where I stand.

“Yes because, like Wendy said before, you’re a coward, and magic only helps you become one. It’s a horrible excuse for power.”

Ignoring my comment on being a coward he begins again. “If that’s what you want. I’ve always preferred to fight that way, that’s how I win.” He slowly advances towards me, his sword out in front of him.

“We’ll see about that.” I say before pulling out the dagger I kept hidden in my belt. I kept my head as far down as I could, the hood barely managing to cover my features. He takes the first swing, trying to strike me in the stomach, but failing miserably.

He might have trained me once.  But that was before when I was weaker, when I knew nothing, but now is different than it was before.  I knew how to defeat him; during every one of our battles, duels, and training sessions I’ve learned his weaknesses. I’ve learned, where to hit, where to kick, and how to knock him to the ground.

I spin around, putting power into the blow I was sending towards his shoulder blade. The dagger hit her flesh, sinking into his skin and slicing it open, drawing blood. But this was for only a second, before it was healed by magic.

“Remember, no magic, coward.” I mutter putting hatred in every word I pushed out. We were inched apart, my dagger still covered in his blood, and his sword between us.

“From what I know, you’re one too. Because if you weren’t a coward, why would you cover your face?” Pan asks forcefully. His hands moved to my head, and thrust off the hood the covered my face from his view. 

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