Chapter 27

The Heart of Neverland

                The poison of dreamshade was one I had experienced before, many times before...

                It had become almost a routine, of Peter and I. We liked being alone, that's why we lived on Neverland. And from time to time we needed to be alone from everyone in the world, except for one and other. Today was to be yet another day of our adventures. 

                It wasn't like the adventures with the other boys weren’t adventures. They just weren't the same and they never would be. I would never have the emotions I did with Peter with them. Every touch and every heartbeat I felt beside him would last for eternity. Those feelings I felt with Peter and Peter only.

                Our adventures weren't just normal adventures. We'd tell stories and I know that that sounds like pretty much the lamest things you could do when you on an island like Neverland. But being surrounded by so much the little things like that was what matter most. That's what we did; we'd climb, or fly whatever you prefer, to the highest peak of the tallest Mountain. 
                Only there it was peaceful. And for hours on end that's where you'd find both Peter and I. This mountain was the center of Neverland and the origin of all the magic in Neverland. It was the most magical place you'll find. Fairies of all sorts fill the sky with stunning arrays of light that shine off the ivy green leaves of nature. Everything about this place was magical, the air you breathed and the ground you stepped on. 

                We both loved stories, both telling them and listening. Today was somehow different, but I hadn’t figured out quite how yet. All I knew was that Peter had planned something, and in this place of mystery I had no way of predicting what he had in mind.

                We had climbed up to a place he’d never lead me to before, yet it was on the mountain we’d been on so many times before.

                “Why are we here?”I ask him, genuinely wanting to know the answer. He had dragged me to the mountainside to where on one side there were endless amounts of vines and brush. While on the other there was nothing except a hurtling fall to the ground.

                “We are in the heart of Neverland’s magic.” He says, turning around to peer into my eyes, his hand slipping into mine.

                “This whole mountain is the heart, isn’t it?” I ask him following wherever his hand lead me.

                “Not quite, the heart of all the power in Neverland is on this mountain, but it is not the mountain itself.” He tells me with a smirk still upon his lips. Bringing me close to him he turned me to face the face of the mountain. It was covered with vines, moss, leaves, and all sorts of brush. And if I was right, I could hear the faint trickle of water coming from behind the wall of greenery.

                I turned to face Peter, giving him a questioning look. “Am I sopposed to be seeing something I’m not?” I ask him, looking for anything that had gone unnoticed.

                “You’re not going to find it where you’re looking, but in a matter of speaking, yes you are. What do you sense?” He asks me, his arm snaking around my waist as he said so, peering down at me.

                “All I sense is you.” I say, looking right back at him. He chuckles as a response, his eyes sparkling the way they always do.

                “Me? Why, there is much more than that here!” He says pretending to be shocked.

                “Would you mind showing me what that is?” I try to persuade him, hinting a smile and placing a kiss upon his cheek.

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