Chapter 19-How Do I Know You?

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Chapter 19

How Do I Know You? 

                “Looks like someone escaped from their cage.”

                “Looks like I did.” I respond, turning around with my arms crossed to face Felix.  Looking him directly in the eyes, a smirk creeping up on my lips.

                “What makes you think that we’ll just let you do this?” He asks, his hood shielding most of his features from view. His feet slowly approaching me as he took on step closer.

                “Because you’ll be scared of me,” I say not breaking our eye contact, sending a constant glare his way.

                “So now, I’m scared of you? It seems I missed something.” Felix retorts with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

                “From what I remember, you’ve missed nothing, you’ve seen, watched, and lived through every moment. You see Felix, I’m not sure if you remember, but I most certainly do. I’m the girl that used to haunt your dreams, the girl that kicked your ass multiple times, including just a couple days ago.” I respond wittily, bracing my body for whatever he was planning to throw at me next.

                Anger, pain, and frustration flashed through his eyes all at once as he walked even closer to me. “Who are you?” He growls through gritted teeth, his hand sliding down to where his sword was kept around his belt.

                “You tell me.” I respond with equal intimidation. I swing my leg up and around, whamming Felix in the jaw, setting him off guard. He unsheathed his dagger, the blade making a horrible scarping sound and he pulled it free.  The blade reflecting the little light that shone through the trees of the jungle.

                “Girl, I’m not as easily defeated as you seem to think.” He stammers, looking back at me, recovering from the blow I had sent towards his.

                “Than how come our recent encounters say different?” I ask with a smirk on my lips, raising my eyebrows in question.

                Felix’s POV

                “Than how come our recent encounters say different?” The girl asks, her eyes brows raised, her lips forming into an incredibly annoying smirk. My hand clenched the wood of my blade making my knuckles turning white. My eyes continued to send daggers towards her, which frustratingly just caused her to smirk even more.

                “How do we know each other?” I force out another question. Trying to get any response, hoping that I’d get a spark of recognition, that I would remember who or what she is. She took one step forward, her foot crushing the leaving and grass of the forest.

                “From another life,” She stammers before whamming her fist into my chin, snapping my head backwards. Tell me again how a girl can ever have abilities like this. She kicked me in the chest, and elbowed me as hard as she could, sending me flying to the ground.

                Hitting the hard surface or rocks, leaves, and unknown. She sent one last blow to my stomach, making me keel over in pain, straining to see where the girl was.

                “Never mess with anyone, not even a girl.” She says, her voice slowly fading into nothingness as my vision blurred. “By the way, since you asked my names Haven.” I heard her mumble a few last words before I lost all consciousness.

                Haven’s POV

                Felix lay in a ball on the ground, eyes shut, and withering in pain. The damage wouldn’t be permanent, I was pretty much certain of that. My intentions were never to kill anyone, just hurt them enough so that they would get the point I was trying to get across.

                “Does anybody know where Felix got to?” A deep voice asks from through the trees, the question obviously not directed to me. I sulked behind the same tree I did before, hidden from any prying eyes.

                “Nope, the last I saw of him he was trying to find an escaped prisoner.” A different boy gives the answer, but it was obvious not the one he was looking for.

                “Escaped?” I the voice shouts, “I gave you boys one job, and one job only. And yet you still manage to mess that up? All of you are worthless, and will never account to anything.” The boy continues to scold the other. Harsh much?

                “It wasn’t our fault! We locked her up in the cage and everything.” The voice responds timid and quiet.

                “And yet you stand here, still doing nothing about it! All of you, each and every lost boy should be out looking for her! So why aren’t you?”

                “I’m sorry; I’ll find her right away!” The frighten voice says, before I’m assuming running off, into the same jungle I stand in.  The footsteps of the running boy were getting closer and closer, the noise becoming louder.

                “How wonderful,” I mutter before running away, not caring the direction, or the noise. It may just be one lost boy. But after one comes another, and another, and before you know it, you’re surrounded. And I’m just one person, who really doesn’t want to deal with ten lost boys.

                I continued on running, not planning on stopping until I’m certain I’ve outrun them. I leave my hands out in front of me, protecting my face from the branches and leaves I continuously ran into. I knew that they weren’t going to give up, in least not when they are under Pan’s control. I ran down one last hill, skidding to a final stop as I reached the bottom. I was searching for the perfect tree to climb.

                I’ve learned that if you’re not safe on the ground, the best option is to climb upward. My hand wrapped around the rough bark of a tree trunk, hoisting myself upwards unto to first branch. I climbed until I knew for certain I was a safe distance from the ground.

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