Chapter 10

Evil? But They're Mermaids

"I told you it was easy"

"I still don't get why we should be afraid of Pan." Regina mutters under her breath, not believing the truth.

"Than you clearly don't understand what we've been trying to tell you." Hook states. "But that doesn't matter; we need to get on land as soon as possible."

"And why is that?" Emma asks Hook.

"Mermaids, these waters are filled with them." Hook says, his eyes focused on the land ahead. His hands gripping the damp wood of the helm.

"Mermaids? You mean the beautiful creatures with fins?"

"You have a lot to learn about Neverland." Hook mentions. Hinting at the fact that all of the mermaids in Neverland are evil. But I know that that is not the truth.

Not all mermaids are evil, although there are plenty who are. You see, mermaids in Neverland aren't the mermaids you read about in story books. Some mermaids are true at heart, they are kind, gentle, and the way you would imagine they would be. These mermaids, can be born a mermaid, or be changed into one.

This change, however, is not forced. You are not forced to be a mermaid forever. This change happens to the purest of souls, who believe in a certain kind of good magic. The mermaids like this are easy to spot. They're tails, are majestic colors of all kinds of sorts.

But more than half of the mermaids in the waters of Neverland are not pure. They are not anywhere near it. These mermaids are results of witchcraft, and were not ever meant to be what they've become. There is a clear and distinctive different between evil and good. Their fins, they are colorless, and they certainly aren't beautiful. What is imagined to be a beautiful array of colors, is black and a most distinctive shade of brown.

"What I'm trying to say is that land is the best option in Neverland because the waters are never safe." Hook re-states him statement.

"Whatever, let's just get there quickly." Says Regina frustrated.

Hook rolled his eyes in aggravation as he tried to align his ship as close to shore as possible.

All of us step out onto the sand, our feet soaked with the water we had just trudged through to get ashore.

"We need to make camp." I sigh, hiking up ahead of the group. The night's sky was already dark and the only light available was the stars.

"Camp? You mean I have to sleep on the floor?" Regina asks obnoxiously.

"Yes, Regina, I do." I say as I try to finds a place suitable for camp.

"You mean Mermaids aren't good? I thought mermaids were beautiful creatures that saved humans from drowning." I say, completely going off my knowledge of stereotypes. When I was a child, I would read books and draw sketches of mermaids. But in all of those years, I never even thought about a mermaid being evil. I mean mermaids were supposed to be pure, right?

"I guess that's another thing you got wrong about Neverland." Peter states. Over the month I had been in Neverland, I still didn't have a full understanding of this place. For a girl like me, it was quiet confusing.

Peter would spend days on end teaching me the ways of Neverland. But I couldn't help being confused. Neverland was way more complicated than it seemed. It's was supposed to be fun, and a place where you could always have fun. But this place was much more than it looked.

We spent days on end training, dueling, and competing. Being the only girl on the whole island, things could get tough. The lost boys weren't necessarily "boys" either. You would think that being boys they'd be young. But, no, they barely even make it in the category of teenagers all of them all either in their young or old teenage years. Including Peter, he was much older, and attractive, than anyone would think.

"Most mermaids aren't to be trusted." He states, as he sits up, climbing off the boulder we were sitting on.

"Most?" I question him.

"Anyone can be a mermaid, anyone that is pure at heart, and believes in things others don't." He states as if it's an obvious.

"Please explain that sentence again." I ask, not understanding what he meant.

"Mermaids can be evil, but those mermaids aren't pure, they're evil, they are the product of witch craft. What I meant is what I said. Mermaids can be anyone. Anyone that believes enough in themselves, and magic. Those mermaids aren't mermaids forever. They have a choice. At any given time they can be a mermaid or a human." He explains.

Anyone can be a mermaid?

"But I warn you, becoming a mermaid is one of the most dangerous tasks someone has to tackle. Not only is the first change excruciating, but evil mermaids give no mercy." He warns. Trying to get any thoughts I had about becoming one out of my mind.

But I'm a curious person, I couldn't help it. Could you just imagine being a mermaid? Even for an hour. It'd be wonderful. To have a tail, to breath underwater. That's every girl's dream as a kid. I mean who wouldn't want to be a mermaid if you had the choice?

"I know what you're thinking, but no, you cannot. Being a mermaid isn't as magical as it may seem." He concludes before walking off into the darkness of the forest.

Despite his warning, I couldn't help but wonder.

Wouldn't it be a dream come true to be a mermaid whenever you wished?

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