Chapter 32- The Cave of Echoes

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Chapter 32

The Cave of Echoes

                “You know where his camp is, don’t you?” Emma asks, anxious to get to Henry.

                “Not quite, but I think I know where I need to go.” I say, stumbling over the roots in our path.

                “Where we need to go is Pan’s camp, to get Henry back.” Regina exclaims with annoyance. I already knew what we needed to go, but I wasn’t going to go about it that way.

                “Pan isn’t just going to let us walk into his camp site without a problem. That’s not how he works. His camp is impossible to find, and even harder to break into. So if I were you, I don’t suggest that’s what we do, that’ll get you nowhere.” I try to exclaim, but of course they take my words the wrong way.

                “You’re telling me we should just listen to you and not get my son back!” Regina shouts stopping me abruptly in my path.

                “Our son!” Emma screams back at her, becoming the defensive mother she’d always been.  “And considering she’s been there, in Pan’s camp, and seen Henry with her own eyes, I think we should trust her opinion!” Emma stands beside me to send a threatening glare towards Regina.

                “Only if she tells us everything she knows. Like you were saying, she was in his camp, with him, she must know something!” Regina exclaims her eyes flaring with anger.

                “Fine…” I huff, leaning against a tree to begin my story. “Pan’s not someone to just let us defeat him, he always win, and he’s not about to start losing. The truth is, whether he admits it or not, he’s dying. And I know, you might think that what I say is crazy, but I assure it is true. Peter Pan is known as a child who never grows up, never will, and will forever be a child. But what keeps everyone in Neverland young is the good magic running through the land. You see, there isn’t much good magic left, and Pan has been on this island for so long, that when he is no longer young he will die. And being Pan, he doesn’t give up that easily, and isn’t going to give up until he gets what he needs. He needs the heart of the truest believer to survive. This in our case is Henry. Pan needs Henry’s heart beating inside his chest in order to survive, and when Henry surrenders his heart he will die.” I take a deep breath, thinking everything over in my mind. “And I know you may think I’m insane in saying we shouldn’t focus on getting Henry back now, but we won’t get anywhere. At most it will quicken the process, and at the point we already don’t have that much time. My suggestion; don’t get lured into his trap, don’t do the expected, don’t go for Henry, and instead we focus on getting Neal back. Because once we have Neal, he won’t have anything to use against us.”

                I couldn’t tell if everyone was shocked if they all wanted to punch me. Their sole purpose here was to get Henry back, and here I was standing stupidly in front of them, telling them to ignore him and focus on something completely different. I don’t know which was more insane, my idea, or the fact that they would actually believe.

                “You want us to throw away all hope of getting Henry back?” Regina asks me, he voice coming out as a hiss.

                “No! I’m telling you that as of now, Henry is fine, Pan can’t hurt him, but he can hurt Neal. And there isn’t anything we can do right now to stop him. He won’t let us take Henry back. But we will be able to, you have to trust me.”

                “It seems like you know quite a lot about this Peter Pan, am I right?” Hook questions me. He still had suspicions, I could tell. But I mean I couldn’t blame him, if I was in his footsteps I probably would be too.

                “Well, it’s not like I wasn’t kidnapped by him. And I did happen to read some stories as a kid.” I lied, staring directly at Hook.

                “So now you so suddenly know this much about him?” Hook continues to throw questions at me.

                “I have experience with villains, and evil. In my life in both Storybrooke and before, I know how their minds work, how they think, and what their next step is. And the truth is Pan isn’t that hard to breakdown. Look, we have magic, in several different forms. We’re all different and we can all do something that others can’t, and we can use that. But as of now, Pan has the advantage, and it is never good for the enemy to have the advantage.” I tell them all, looking at each and every one of their expressions.

                “Where do we find Neal?” Emma asks eager to be reunited with him.

                “The Cave of Echoes,” I tell them all.

                “Okay and how the hell did you know that?” Hook asks, raising his voice in utter confusion.

                “I read a lot when I was younger. Hey, I was an orphan; there wasn’t much else I could do. Reading was what I did, every day, every night. And without knowing it, I read about the history of where I was from including Peter Pan and his tales.” I say sending Hook a smirk.

                “Where’d you get the books?” Hook asked.

                “There are such things as libraries, and schools. Don’t know if you’ve ever been to one.” I say finding him glaring straight at me. What can he expect, he doubted me, sent me away, and somehow expects me to be kind to him? 

                “Where is this Cave of Echoes?” Charming asks, finally willing to contribute to our conversation.

                “Oh, it’s easy to find, it’s just hard to leave.” I say. “The Cave of Echoes isn’t as ordinary as it may sound. To leave, and to get what you wanted, each of us needs to tell one of our deepest darkest secrets. One that you have told no one, and I know all of you have at least one.” 

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