Chapter 20

I Love(d) You

I opened my tired eyes from being disturbed by the chirps of birds. Sunlight blinded me as I woke up from my restless slumber. My back slumped against the bark of the tree, scraping my skin. I sat on the thickest branch on the tree that I could find.

The early morning air filled with mist, and smelled like spring. But then again, it's pretty much spring-like weather all the time here. I hugged my knees to my chest, becoming invisible, being hidden by the tree. I kept looking below me at the moss and dirt covered ground. Half expecting to see a grim, and terrifying face staring right back at me.

But every time I looked, I saw nothing. But that didn't cease my nervousness. In fact, it just made my stomach even queasier than it was before. If they were really out looking for me, the escaped prisoner, would they have come by here? Their instructions were to scan every inch of the island and look for me. So why is that I neither saw nor heard any kind of motion in my area?

If they were so avidly searching, wouldn't they have already found me? I wasn't that far off the ground, and it wasn't like I had the power to turn invisible. I couldn't keep my eyes off the ground, I couldn't help it, I felt like it was a trick. Like this area really isn't as vacant as it may seem. They said they were looking for an escaped prisoner right? And if they were looking for an escaped prisoner, wouldn't I be the one that they're looking for?

Unless of course, they found Wendy and assumed she was the one they had been looking for the whole time. Which, she wasn't. But, that also means that Wendy is now in Pan's possession. When someone get's Pan, let's just say what he was before seems a whole lot nicer than now.

Nearly flipping off the branch my whole body jumped, as I started to hear the crunch of leaves. With every footstep of the invader, the crunching of leaves and the snapping of twigs became louder. But there wasn't just one set of footsteps, no, there were several more than one pair.

The voice came after the noises. Muffled shouts, and conversations drifted through the air and up to the branch that I was sitting on, tensed, and nervously. I peered through the trees that were over crowded with green leaves, trying to see anything. It wasn't long before the words became clearer and small figures were visible below, through the trees.

"This isn't who you were supposed to be looking for. It's Wendy, it's not like she's capable of doing much." One of the figures speaks.

"Who were we supposed to be looking for?" A voice asks the harsher, louder, and deeper sounding one. Coming into view, I could see Wendy being dragged along by a group of boys. And you wouldn't guess who the leader of the group was. Pan.

"The girl who kicked Felix's ass," Pan speaks louder than the rest of the boys.

"A girl? Kicked Felix's ass in a fight?" One of the lost boys asks, laughing.

"Hey! She's not as easily defeated as she may seem." Felix says in his defense, causing me to chuckle with success.

"Whatever Felix, all that matters is that we find her and kill her," Pan states with a hell of a lot of confidence. And if I do say myself, it was a little too much to my liking.

"Kill her? Do you see what she did to me?" Felix asks, mortified, pointing to all his bruises and scrapes.

"Well, I guess it's a good thing that I'm not you." Pan responds, but not lessening his sternness

"Where are we to bring Wendy?" A boy asks, changing the subject completely, holding Wendy roughly by her binds.

"We are going to use her to our advantage. She's no use in the cage, or in battle, so I figured we'd use her for something different."

Wendy continued to struggle against the ropes, and whimper in pain.

"Something different?"

"She may be of use. She might be able to win over Henry." Pan says hinting her evil plans. His words making me shudder in disgust. How could I have ever been in love with this?

"What are you doing all the way out here? We have a bonfire and all going on back at camp." Peter questions, as his feet disturb the sand of the beach underneath his feet. I look back at him, my hair blowing in my wind. I had gone for a walk on the beach, thinking that might take my mind of Peter for once.

"I'm thinking." I said in all honesty, not taking my eyes off him, as he slowly approached me, walking down the beach along the water.

"About what exactly?" He asks me, a smile curving his lips upward. Just looking at him made my heart pound fast and my body long for his touch.

"Nothing very important, just girl things," I say, surprised at how my voice remained normal, and didn't stutter.

"Girl things? Sure." Peter says doubtfully. His eyes taking glances at me, with each glance, his deep eyes reflected the light of the moon above.

"What I think is my business, and my thoughts on you are private." I mentally slapped my face at my stupidity. Why do I say the worst things and the most horrible times?

"So you are thinking about me aren't you?" He says with satisfaction, laughing at his success.

"Does that mean anything?" I ask, turning to face him directly. Turning on my heel to gaze directly at him, my eyes searched for answers.

"It means we think about each other, a lot more than we both think." He says, entwining out hands together. His words making me go mute and leaving me shocked. All I could feel were the harsh thumps of my heart and the wind blowing against my skin. He stared directly into my eyes, not breaking eye contact. He released one of my hands from his grasp, and gently brought it up to me cheek, to brush the hair out of my face.

"It's taken me far too long to admit to myself, that even Peter Pan can grow up. That even I can feel other than friendship towards another. That even I can love. It's taken me too long to realize that, I, love you." His words echoed throughout my head, leaving me searching for words to respond with. But finding none to fit the emotions I feel. His eyes searched mine, as if asking permission to love me. With by all means I would have granted if I was able to utter a sound.

It was obvious; my voice had failed me, at the worst time ever. I stepped one step forward, leaving no space between him and I. Looking up to maintain our eye contact, his height towering over me.

My lips brushed his, sending a spark jolting through my body. At first, he was taken back, as if in shock that I to share those same feelings. As if suddenly realizing what I had shown him, he responded. Cupping my face in his hands he leaned down, meeting my lips with his.

My heart responded with hunger to be loved, kissing him back. Bringing my fingers to his neck as if to pull us closer than we already were. His lips moved against mine, resting his hands on my waist, as we stood in the moonlight.

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