Chapter 2


Chapter 2

As I mentioned before, I tend to get lost in my own thoughts very easily. My mind goes to a different place while my body still sits in the place I call "home". My life has changed so drastically from what was my past. I've moved on, or so I've tried. I live in a new place. A world far from the wretched place called Neverland.

But life in Storybrooke hasn't been quite as amazing as it might seem. It's been crazy, and when I say crazy I mean weirder than normal. For the years I've spent here, I've lived with Mary Margaret. I never really had a family, and Mary Margaret was the closest thing I had to it. We shared everything with each other, except pretty much everything that had to do with my past.

Things are just a little bit crazy at our house right now. Emma is trying to smooth things over with Neal. And in the midst of all that, she's trying to keep it from Henry. But Henry is Henry and we all know that that will never work. She still refuses believe that she's still in love with Neal. But I think we all know that she never stopped loving him.

With all the craziness going on in the town at the moment, I tend to just stick with myself, and just run off when things get out of hand. I don't like getting involved. Whatever happens happens, and I just try to stay the hell out of the way. Sometimes it's easier to run away from problems than to just throw yourself onto a battlefield.

"Haven!" I heard a 11 year old boy call out to me while running up to the park bench I was sitting on.

"Hey, Henry. What's going on at home?"

"The usual, Snow and Emma are fighting, and Charming is trying to smooth things over," Henry responds.

"Sounds fun." I say while closing up my sketch book, and packing up my things.

"Neal and I were planning on going to Granny's and I wanted you to come with."

"Sure, I don't see why not." I get up, sling my bag over my shoulder, and walk besides Henry as we head for Granny's. He started to ramble on about how good he thought he was at sword fighting, and how he should teach me. Even for being a child of a fairytale character he sure does have a wild imagination.

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