Chapter 23

She's Back

Pan's POV

My hands went up to the hood that covered the person in front of me. I tore it off sending the fabric to the ground. I had expected it to be a boy. I thought for certain this opponent was a boy. That with their courage and confidence they would surely not be a girl. But the black hood tumbled to the ground, revealing a girls hair. Her head was held down away from my prying eyes.

Her golden hair fell far, long and tied into a braid. She's the girl Wendy has gone on and on about. The one set on beating me the one who beat up Felix for calling her weak. The one that I've been told is going to win my game.

Her dagger was held out in front of her the red of my blood dripping from the tip. Her arm was steady, but her stance faultered. She wasn't scared if anything she was flustered.

"Look up." I commanded the girl who had all so suddenly become timid and shy. When just merely a second ago she was willing to engage in a duel with me.

"I will not be commanded by you nor will I look up." The girl spoke, her voice ringing throughout my ears. In those words I heard something, something I recognized from my past, from one I could barely remember. But remembering her was something I could never forget. And with this girl I felt nostalgia, like she was her. The voice, the way it faltered, I'd heard it thousands of times.

The same sound, but this one time was different. It struck something inside me something that I hadn't felt in ages.

"It's not a command, it's a request. A request to see your face, and what was covered over by your hood." I say, softer than even I suspected.

With my words the seemed to be a change in her, but I couldn't tell whether the outcome woud be good or bad. Her whole body tensed, from her head to toes.

Haven's POV

Pan had suddenly changed into I don't know what. But I wasn't going to stick around to find out what. He was somehow trying to be nice to be kind, but me being me I already knew who he was and what he really does.

"And I still say no." I growl with hatred, lifting my head up from the ground to meet his eyes straight on. His eyes blazed straight through to mine with a look that was indescribable.

While Pan was still stuck in his trance of shock, I was planning to knock him down. His eyes were dazed with confussion, as of he thought I was an illusion. That I really wasn't here and that it's impossible for me to be.

With hatred pulsing through my veins, I used his shock to my advantage. I swung my leg up to smash it into his chin. This first caught him off gaurd, and made him stumble back several feet.

Unfortunetly he was just as prepared to fire right back. He put his hand out his plan to send me flying back with magic, but mine were different. I grabbed onto his wrist and twisted it as far as I could. I spun on my heel, still holding my grip on his wrist and backed up to slam into his chest.

I then yanked his arm foward to flip him on the ground. He lay face up on the ground groaning inwardly in pain. I kicked my foot into his side, my heel sinking into his abdomen.

Winning wasn't going to happen without magic, and I knew that for a fact. Putting both my hands out in front of me I cast a spell. I could've cast much worse, but unconsiousness seemed fit for this situation. All I needed was time to get both Wendy and Henry. My first spell was still in effect as all the lost boys lay knocked out on the ground.

Pan lay motionless on the dirt covered ground. Hook may have said that Pan was undefeatable, and can never be beat. But Hook is not me, and I beg to differ. Because as of now that's exactly what've done.

"How did you manage to do that?" Wendy questions me with shock in her voice.

"I have experience in the art of winning." I respond, putting emphasis on winning. I pick all of my weapons out of the dirt, and run over to the chair Wendy was strapped to.

"Do you know where Pan is keeping Henry?" I ask her as I untie the bonds around her wrists and ankles.

"He's not being held, I saw him walking around camp, so he should be around." Wendy says rubbing the marks on her wrists from the ropes.

"Help me find Henry." I say urgently looking through the lost boys on the ground.

"Shouldn't we be getting out pof here instead of looking for Henry?"

"Look, I just spent my time saving your ass, and if I remember correctly the last time you strayed from me you ended back here. So whether you like it our not, I am not leaving without Henry." I tell Wendy.

She huffs and follows along as I search for Henry.

"Here he is!" Wendy tells me, pointing to a collapsed Henry on the ground. I rush over to pick him up and carry him as far away from here as I could. I slip my arms under his arms expecting for Wendy to help me.

"You know, it would be nice if you gave me some help." I say annoyed, looking up to face Wendy.

Pan's POV

My eyes slowly opened revealing the sunlight shining through the trees above me. I sat up, instantly groaning at the agonizing pain in my stomach.

"What the hell happened?" I ask dazed anc confused as I peered around at all of the boys unconscious and collapsed on the ground. I stood up to see the chair where Wendy was once bound-empty. I groan, rubbing my temple with my palms.

The girl. She did this. It was her, Haven, she's back, in Neverland.

How? I could not help but be confused, I thought she was dead. And if anything else I thought she was trapped in another realm, in an unreachable world without magic.

And she's somehow here, back in Neverland, and as strong as ever. She was starting a war and she knew it. But what she didn't know is who was going to win.

Haven's POV.

I set Henry down on the ground, he was still unconscious and wasn't going to wake up anytime soon.

"You know having him here will just make our situation worse." Wendy mentions to me.

"And how will that be?" I ask her, wanting to hear her response.

"We have Henry, we have what Pan wants."

"And that gives us an advantage doesn't it?" I ask her.

"Yes, but it also means he's after us." Wendy tells me.

"You're forgetting one thing. I'm prepared."

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