Chapter 6-The Portal

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Chapter 6

The Portal

            “Where do you even think he’ll be?” I ask as I slid out of the car and slam the door behind me. I didn’t have a clue where to start looking. Henry could be anywhere, and we don’t have time to look everywhere.

            “This thing about Tamara being “evil”, what do you even have against her?” Neal asks, falling into stride with me as we head toward the docks.

            “Me? I really have nothing against her. But Emma has a gut feeling that there is something suspicious about her. And you know Emma when it comes to following her instincts.” I say as I walk towards the docks.

            “You know, at times like this, I really wish that Henry had a cell phone.” I said to myself as I trudged closer the dock. “Do you see anyone Emma?”

            “Umm…I’m not quite sure.” She says unsurely. She squints against the sunlight to peer at the end of the dock. Unless my eyes were tricking me, I could see the outline of three figures on the wobbly wooden dock. Two were tall and they towered high above a smaller shadow.

            “I’m not the only one seeing those people, right?” I inquire, pointing toward the three figures.  I could be wrong, but I swear one looks like Tamara.

            “No, no you’re not, I see them too.” Emma says, quickening her pace. “Is that Tamara?”

            “Well, I mean it would make sense, since oh you know she runs here.” Neal states obviously.

            “Is it me or does it look like she’s not running?”  I say, following Emma as we approach the docks. If my eyes weren’t deceiving me, I could’ve sworn I saw Greg with her. There was a third person. A child, maybe?

            “Is that Henry?” Emma thinks out loud. It can’t be. Henry knows better than to do stupid things. Right at that moment, Tamara tossed something into the water, which created a huge swirling whirlpool.  A portal had opened up, and Tamara and Greg were holding Henry against his will.

            I broke into a sprint, my shoes pounding against the wooden dock underneath me.

            “Henry!” I called out to him over the wind. His head turned with a look of panic in his eyes. As soon as he turned, Tamara and Greg jumped, bring Henry down with them, as they entered the portal.

            Emma let out a scream as the portal closed up.

            “Do you know understand what we were talking about?” I screeched at Neal. Who was staring at the now still water. Not reacting. He was either not believing or shocked.

            “Why would she do that?” Neal stammered in shock.

            Emma ran to the edge of the dock, as if expecting the portal to reopen. So she can get her son back.

            “We’ll get him back like we always do.” I say hardly believing my own words.  

            “We don’t have anything to make a portal, and the one bean we did have was taken by Hook.”

            “Look, no matter who has the bean, we will find him like we always do.” 

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