Chapter 22

Why would you want Wendy?

" you know what I do with people that disobey me?" Pan continues to interrogate Wendy.

"Considering I've been on the same freaking island for hundreds of years, I think I have a pretty good idea." She retorts, not letting herself crumble into pieces, not allowing herself to fall apart in front of him.

"And what is it you think I'll do to you?" Pan asks her, trying to push her to her breaking point. I silently prayed that it wouldn't and that some sort of miracle will arise.

"Something you always do. Lock me up in my cage, and leave me be, being the coward you are." She states.

"A coward? You have the wits to call me a coward? Of all people! Wendy!" Pan scoffs, smirking down upon her.

"A coward indeed, what else would you be? You lock me up for years! Hundreds of them! But yet you refuse to do anything to me, not physically anyway. You could've killed me years ago, but yet I still stand here today. And I bet you wished you killed me when you still had the chance." Wendy stammers, clearly getting her point across.

"I still do, don't I."

"Oh, you could always kill me, but you wouldn't want to do that would you?" Wendy asks him.

"And why shouldn't I?" Pan asks, not believing a word she has to say.

"Because like I told you before, I know who she is." Wendy mutters.

I clung to the same branch, high above where the scene was unfolding. Watching the action happen in front of my eyes from the sidelines, waiting for the perfect moment.

Wendy may be able to work her words well, but her physical ability and strength is far weaker. She wouldn't survive once Peter realized he'd be better of eliminating her. That's where I come in, when I get her back for hopefully the last time.

Careful, not to fall off the branch accidently, I lean forward to search for a place to land. I had a plan...I totally had a plan. Get in, get Wendy, and get the hell out. And with lucky that'll be it, with just a few minor details in between.

My plan was not to be seen, or recognized. Sure they'd see someone, something, but they wouldn't have the slightest clue who it was. I was dressed in all black, from head to toe. Clad in black skinny jeans, black shoes, and a cropped hoodie that I could easily lift up to hide my face.

And trust me; I had weapons, weapons galore. I had my bow slung over my shoulder and the arrows hung on my back. I wouldn't go anywhere without my arrows, they're my main source of survival. They are how I hunt, fight, and kill (if necessary.) I had a set of throwing knives stuck in my belt, along with two of my most favored daggers. One of which just so happened to be given to me by Peter, but I still come to use it.

"Girl, you have no idea what my plans for you really are." Pan growled with frustration.

Now, it was pretty much up to me to get Wendy free, because from where I stand (or rather hang) it doesn't look like it's going too well for Wendy.

I carefully, untangle myself from all of the branches and leaves, trying not to make much of a disturbance. I hovered, hanging right above the opening in the forest, where Pan was unsuccessfully torturing Wendy.

I could drop fifteen feet to the ground with no problem-most definitely. Wendy better be thankful I'm saving her ass.

And with that, my grip on the bark covered branch loosens and I fall to the ground.

Peter's POV

Why is Wendy still fighting when she sure as hell knows she isn't going to win my game? Desperate times cause for desperate measures-I guess? Something had to be done with her, and soon, she was getting on my nerves. And we all know what I do with people like that.

I hear a loud thump on the ground in my right ear, it sounded as if something had fallen from the sky. I whirl around; to face the direction the noise came from. There stood a tall figure, all decked out in black, with only small slivers of skin shown to eye. The person, at least I hoped it was human, stood tall, facing directly towards me. Their head was faced down, obscuring their face from view, and covered by a black hood. The figure held a bow, with one arrow draw that was aimed right at my heart.

"I'm not scared of your arrows, you cannot kill me." I say with confidence.

"You see, that's not entirely true. These arrows may not be dipped in dream shade, but that doesn't matter. What matters is, I don't need dream shade, I can kill perfectly well on my own." The voice speaks, sounded familiar.

"Boys! You know the drill." I command my boys.

"If I were you, I wouldn't suggest that," Says the anonymous person.

I ignore the comment, I had other troubles to worry about, and this, was the least of them. My boys continued with their orders, surrounding the hood covered figure.

Haven's POV

The lost boys surround me, cornering me in every possible direction. Magic, I hadn't used it in a while, but I didn't care. I was here, back in Neverland, and I needed it.

I stuck out my hand, my palm facing outward I cast a spell. I spun in a circle sending the spell towards all of them surrounding me. Every single one of them falls backward, collapsing in the dirt, except for Pan. His eyes lay on me, not leaving my presence.

"I want Wendy." I say through gritted teeth.

"You want Wendy? Now why would you want her, she's practically useless, and to be honest, I was just about to get rid of her."

"For reasons," I mutter.

"Sorry, but unforntutely I have reasons to have her as well." Pan retorts, just as stubborn.

"I'm sorry, let me rephrase that. I need Wendy, and I plan on taking her whether you like it or not." I say with more strength than I thought I could muster.

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