Chapter 38- The End

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(A/N: Before you begin READ THIS! So this is the last chapter :( I know it's really sad!!! Be prepared for some crazy stuff to go down in the next few minutes when you read this chapter. Keep in mind that this will keep changing point of views, so just pay attention to that. Haven's outfit is in the external link. So if you want to, you should check it out. I didn't really know how I would end this story. And this just kind of came out. So I hope you like it!!! I made it really long because well that's just what happened! So Enjoy! And there will be another 'chapter' that isn't really a chapter. Just a really long Author's Note explaining everything and the sequel. It should be up soon. So when it is make sure to read it!)

Chapter 38

The End

Haven's POV

"Either we kill Haven or you give us Henry." Hook states. What has gotten into them? What had caused them to become so evil? Hook had tied my hands behind my back, forcing me to do whatever he made me. No magic would untie these bonds; they'd taken my magic away from me with something as simple as a cuff. I had no way of escape; I was forced to stand there, weak and useless, while they threatened my life.

If I could, I would've shoved my foot in their face by now, but because of the ropes digging into my wrists, I had no choice but to remain where they forced me to stand. Hook forced my head back, straining the muscles in my neck. He had taken a dagger from his belt loop. But it wasn't just any dagger; its blade was infested with dreamshade. I had no magic; with magic I could suppress the poison of dreamshade.

But without it, I was left completely and utterly helpless. "Kill her, why should I care? I'm not going to trade Henry for anybody!" Pan laughs. He actually laughs, and that one laugh tore all hope of me being saved apart. He just kept smirking. But my eyes were locked with his, silently pleading with him. And for one small moment, I saw a hint of sadness and pain. But that was quickly covered up and hidden within his deep orbs.

"Since, you so obviously don't care you'll be fine with me doing this." Hooks says, trying to get some sort of reaction from Pan. Hook pulled on my restraints, forcing my neck farther back, and forcing me to stand still. He brought the dagger dripping with the poison of dreamshade to my neck.

He wouldn't really do this. Would he? I started to tremble, trying to somehow escape the blade that was just inches away from cutting my neck. My eyes remained on Pan's never breaking the eye contact we had. For once in my life, I was terrified. I had no escape plan, and I had no way of escaping the knife that was inching closer and closer to my flesh.

"If you really don't care for this girl, you won't care when this knife slices through her skin. Not only will it cause her to bleed ever so slowly, but it will be sending a stream of dreamshade through her body." Hook says slowly. The blade of the dagger nearly brushing my skin.

I kept telling myself her wouldn't do this, but I was beginning to lose hope and believe what I thought would never happen. And to think...I trusted these people.

Pan's POV

She was trembling; her whole body was shaking with fear, as the dagger was pulled close and closer to the skin of her neck. I couldn't bear to see her like this. She was weak, and she finally had no hope of escape. As much as I had said I wanted her to die, I didn't want her to. I didn't want to see her collapse in a heap, dead. That wasn't an option. It couldn't be.

But I had only one goal, and I needed Henry. I had worked so hard up to this point and I couldn't have it all slip away at the last moment.

Her eyes were glued on mine; they never left mine for a second. Her eyes showed her true emotion, how she really felt. I've always known that, from the beginning. The truth is in her eyes. But her eyes were just as petrified as her body was. While her body trembled in fear, her eyes showed the true terror she felt. In her eyes were fresh tears that she was forcing to stay in.

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