Chapter 14

 How Did You Know That? 

            “Where on earth did you learn to do that?” Emma asks me, shocked by what I had just done.

            “In a little place known as my past.” I mutter, being vague.

            “Something tells me that you don’t want to talk about it. But it makes me all the more intrigued to find out what happened.” Emma states with curiosity. I didn’t want to tell anyone what happened. My past is mine, and mine only, and it doesn’t need to be shared with everyone.

            “I’m not going to give you an answer to that.” I say stubbornly.

            “Sure…that’s what you say now.” She rolls her eyes, heading back towards camp. “We’re really planning on leaving an unconscious body just a few feet away from our campsite?” Emma asks me.

            “Yeah, that seems perfectly normal to me.” I respond. She scoffs, entering the camp.

            “We need a plan.”

            “No duh.”

            “Can you hurry up?”

            “Okay! Can everyone just shut up! We’re lost in the middle of an evil infested island; the least we could use is so cooperation!” I yell over all of the bickering. “If any of you ever want to see Henry again, we need a plan, and one that will work.”

            “I’m pretty sure we all know that we need a plan, we just don’t know this island, and we don’t know what it has in store for us.” Snow says listening to me.

            “Lucky for all of you dim-wits, I do.” Hook says, sitting down on a tree trunk stump. “For those of you that don’t know, I have a bit of experience with Neverland. And from my knowledge the easiest way to Pan’s camp is to travel through the Dark Forest.”

            “Just from the name, that doesn’t sound so good.”

            “Why would we take the Dark Forest, when we could just as easily take the Transport Path that goes from the east to west?” I ponder, before slapping my hands over my mouth, immediately regretting my words.

            “How did you know that?”

            “How much do you really know about Neverland?” Peter questions me. We were on a so called “journey” across the island. He said that he wanted to spend time with me or something like that.

            “Just about as much as you’ve told me.” I respond, following him on a path. Apparently, I’m just going off Peter’s words here, but it’s some sort of secret passage across the island.

            “Well I think it’s time that you learn how things really work here.”

            “What exactly do you mean by that?”

            “You need to learn how to get around this place and in a place like Neverland, there is only one safe route you can take.” He tells me, remaining a few paces in front of me as we continue to walk down a path.

            “Where exactly are you taking me?” I ask as we arrive at what looks like a creepy ass tunnel.

            “Don’t worry; I have no plans to abduct you.” Peter chuckles, turning his head to look back at me.” He says before pulling me along into the darkened unknown of the tunnel.

            “Peter?” I ask, my body quivering, honestly frightened. The tunnel was pitched black, cold, and absolutely silent. My voice sent echoes throughout the tunnel. My hands clutched to Peter’s arms as he guided me downwards, into the tunnel.

            “Relax.” He whispers in my ear, trying to soothe me.

            “How am I supposed to relax, when I can’t even see my own nose?” I ask, having a panic attack. My hands tightly clenching onto him.

            “To survive here, you honestly need to get over your fear of the dark.” I could sense the humor in his voice.

            “And you plan to do that, by forcing me to walk through a completely dark, and silent tunnel. Cause, oh you know that makes perfect sense.” I state sarcastically, trying to lighten the mood.

            “Well, yes, that was indeed my plan.” Peter points out.

            “Why are you so scared of the dark?” He questions me.

            “I’m not scared of the dark, I’m just scared of what’s lurking in it.” I put my fear in different words.

            “Sure…because if you ask me, it surely sounds like you’re scared of the dark.” His arm wraps around my waist, as he tries to soothe my nerve, and keep my body from shaking uncontrollably. “Look, you’ll be fine. I’ve got you.” His arms wrapped around me as we continue to walk into the unknown space that was in front of us.  

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