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Chapter 34


                She knew. That was all I could think about. Every second of the night, that thought was running throughout my head. It wouldn’t leave me, it was silently haunting me. She knew, or in least knew part of it. My life was always secret, and now, everything about it was being exposed.

                I lay on my back, my eyes glued on the stars shinning above. Her words running through my head on a continuous loop. I was driving me to insanity. Why did I tell her? I had no clue. It was my fault, I just had to tell her, and now she knew everything. And sooner or later so would everyone else.  I watched the sky above for hours, all throughout the night, never calm enough asleep.

                I watched as the darkness of the sky slowly turned to the light shade of blue, and filled with the light of the sun. I would never be able to sleep, and didn’t ever expect. To try to get everything off my mind, if possible, I decided to get things together to leave. We had to get going.

                To save Neal, and Wendy…again. I knew they’d be at the Cave of Echoes, that’s where Pan puts everyone useless. Pan wouldn’t be a problem. He didn’t have to keep us away from the cave; it’s what’s inside that’s the problem. Putting guards up wouldn’t do anything, except cause a decrease in lost boys.

                Inside is where we would face all of our problems. You see, the Cave of Echoes is no normal cave. The problem isn’t getting to it, put getting inside. I knew where Wendy and Neal would be. They’d be in the middle of the cave. And now, that might seem simple, just go to the middle of the cave and free them. But it is nowhere near that easy. They’ll be in the middle alright, but the middle is impossible to reach. There is more than an 100 feet gap between the opening and the middle.

                The only way to reach it? You have to say your deepest darkest secret that no one except yourself knows. For every secret told, the bridge becomes longer eventually reaching the middle.

                With this group of people, it could be a major issue. I can assure you that every single one of us had in least one major secret we could take off our shoulders. And from what I could tell most would not make the others happy.

                I had cleared away most of our things, though we had very few. I was ready to go, except for the fact that I had the job of waking everybody else up. Which isn’t the best job to have in the world.             

                First, I went over to Emma. She was the least likely to send a spear through my chest.

                Eventually I had woken everyone up; they had all slept, unlike me.

                “So what do you have us doing today?” Hook questions me.

                “The same thing as yesterday. We get Neal back; we go to the Cave of Echoes.” I tell him.

                “You said something about having to tell secrets?” Emma asks me.

                “I did. The only way to free Neal, we have to tell secrets. And they can’t be lame, everyday secrets. They have to mean something, and be of some sort of value.”

                “Do we have to?” Regina asks. I knew why. She had secrets she’d never want to tell anyone. But then again, I was pretty certain that all of us did.

                “If you want to win this war we have with Pan you do.” I tell them all. We had begun to walk through the words, heading towards the entrance of the cave.

                “You do realize that the secrets we all have aren’t exactly ones we’d gladly share?” Emma asks me, she was nervous. And obviously scared of the secret she’d have to reveal.

                “That’s the point. This cave it’s supposed to turn us against each other. So that we’ll destroy each other before Pan has to do anything.” I tell them.

                “Why are we doing this again?” Hook asked coming from behind me.

                “We need Neal back. Look, I know we all have secrets, and I know that they aren’t exactly pleasant ones, but the only way we’ll do this is if we trust each other. And don’t turn on each other. No matter what we say, you can’t go killing each other. Because that’s exactly what Pan wants to happen.” I tell them, continuing on through the forest ahead.

                “Well I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this turns out.” Hook chuckles. Hinting at the fact that what I was asking of them wouldn’t be easily accomplished.

                We continued on throughout the woods, stopping periodically. Only after hours of endless walking did we enter the clearing of our destination.

                As we turned the corner we came to see the entrance of the Cave of Echoes.

(A/N: I'm sooo sorry!!! I really do have a reason for not updating!!! And I know this is short, and I'm sorry for that too!! But I seriously hope you guys understand. I have mid terms last week, so I really had no time for writing. And then this weekend, from thursday to today I was visiting colleges. And We were in the city and it was kinda hard to update since the only time I had was at the hotel, and we came back late all the nights. So I'm really sorry about that! And once I came home I had to do homework, and it was the Superbowl (I only watch it fo the commercials and the half-time show.) I hope you all understand! I was just really busy, and I had a lot of homework, and trust me those two things do not add up. I should be able to update this week, and I mean that seriously. Since it's the week aftwer mid terms I might actually have some time (but I may have just jinxed it.) Bur I'll try to make it up to all of you! Happy February, and Ground Hog Day! And thank you so freaking much for 50K that's half 100K!!! That's crazy, and I feel insanely lucky! Thank you sooo much! 

The dedication for this chapter goes to..............falseluck! Thank you soo much for your comments. And all of the others too! It's really difficult to decide trust me!!! I love you all for all of your comments 

Question for this chapter: What actors/famous people are you obsessed with? and Why? 

I have a lot: Robbie Kay(obviously), Charlie Rowe, Tom Felton, Parker Croft, George Shelley, Paul Zimmer, Aramis Knight.....and I could go on and on. 



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