You With Him

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I was hanging out with Sam, Nate, Swazz and Jack J in the studio. They asked me to join them today and I happily did.

I loved coming here. Usually, I'd see them working and doing what they love. It was cute to see how they were always so excited about new songs.

They were amazing in the studio. The work was great and they'd always work their asses off.

Currently they were writing and recording and it was pretty cool to see them do it.

Jack Gilinsky wasn't here today, he hadn't been around as much as usual lately... Wonder why that is so.

The boys and I were good friends, but nothing quite more than that. Sure, they were incredibly attractive, but I've never seen them as more than friends. Things were great as it is right now.

"Yo, Y/N come check this out." Nate said while motioning me to come to him.

He sat on the other side of the room and I sat next to him on the couch. Nate threw an arm around me and smirked. "What?" I awkwardly laughed.

"Nothing. But what do you think of these lines?" I examined his paper with lyrics written on it and I widened my eyebrows, I was impressed by his work.

"I like it." I simply complimented.


"Yeah." I smiled while looking up at him.

"What if I told you that I wrote this when thinking about you?" He cheekily smirked.

Thank God it didn't say something between the lines of 'Fucking bitches and get money.'

But Nate Maloley is a low-key lover boy, with his smooth talks and lazy smirks 24/7. He was a cutie and oh so playful.

"I'd say that I don't believe that." His face came closer to me and I gave him a challenging look, no matter how fast my heart started beating because his face was so damn close to mine.

"And why is that so?"

I shrugged. "You tell me."

"I'll tell you should believe me, my love." He pointed at me. I raised my brows, not falling for his charming talk. "You wanna know why?"

"Oh, I'm dying to know my prince charming." I sarcastically commented.

Nate smirked at me. "'Cause you have the best ass out there. And you also have quite a nice pair." He eyed my chest and I slapped his arm while glaring at him.

"Fucking arrogant, sexist, dick. You make no sense at all." I laughed.

He laughed with me and shook his head. "Imagine me being like that."

"I'd unfriend you on Facebook."

"You're not even friends with me on Facebook." He shot back.

I stayed quiet, not knowing what to say. "Made you fall still, didn't I?" He smirked.

"Shut up." I slapped him but his reflexes stopped me.

Nate grabbed my hand, making me fall still once again. "You have soft hands." He randomly said.

I laughed and from the corner of my eye I saw him smiling at me. "Y'all are spreading cooties." Sam commented from the other couch across ours.

"Cooties? For real, man?" Skate laughed.

Sam glared at the both of us and rolled his eyes. What was up his ass? "Something wrong with that, Maloley?" Sam shot back angrily. Seriously, what the hell happened?

"Damn, you should've warned me about your period, Wilk." Nate chuckled while focusing on his music again.

"Think this is funny? Don't be a dick."

"I'm being the dick?" Nate laughed out loud. "Bro, you're legit screaming at me while I didn't do anything wrong. You don't even have a fucking good—"

"Shut the fuck up, will you?" Sam raised his voice a lot more by now.

"Sam?" I softly tried to get his attention, I don't know what I or Nate did wrong, but it was getting a little creepy.

He turned to face me and his neck veines were literally popping out... His jaw was clenched and he looked angrier than ever. "Bro..." Johnson softly said.

"No, you're like at the tip of sucking his face off, Y/N. Where's your self-respect? I—"

"Excuse me?" I raised my brows offended. "My fucking self-respect? I was just playing around with my friend over here. Who are you to tell me where 'my self-respect is'? Seriously, why are you acting like this?"

Sam death-glared me and I did the exact same thing back. The tension was harsh and cold. "You know, fuck this. Fuck all of this." He raised his arms carelessly and left the room.

I decided to go after him since I was not finished. He had no right to offend me like that. Nate and I were messing around as usual, what wasSam's problem? "Sam!" I yelled after him.

He continued walking but I quickly got in one line with him. "Why are you acting like this? I really don't understand what we did wrong. Why—"

"I fucking like you, alright?" He practically screamed his lungs out and hit the wall next to us.

Did he just...

"Yes, yes. I don't like seeing you with Nate, fine." He admitted while sighing heavily.

After recovering from the flinch I made when he punched the wall, I said, "There's nothing between Skate and me." I softly mumbled.

"I know. I just don't like seeing you with him." I nodded and pursed my lips.

Feelings for Sam Wilkinson? I don't know... I have never thought about it. But I was the most distracted to him.

God, he makes me confused already. "I-I just need some time to think about everything." I eventually answered.

"I understand." There was an incredibly awkward tension between us. "Sorry for acting like such a dick." He chuckled.

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