February 14th

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"Baby, why don't you want to go out tonight?" Sam moaned as he followed me through my apartment, bugging me with annoying Valentine's Day questions.

Sure, call me a pessimist but I strongly dislike today. I have always felt like it was nonsense and just because I have a boyfriend now, doesn't mean I stopped disliking it.

I'm just not one of the love, I'm sorry.

But Samuel Wilkinson on the other hand loves Valentine's Day. Who would've known there was such a corny guy in a bad boy?

"It's going to be so crowded everywhere, we can just stay at home." I sighed as I looked through my fridge for food.

"Yeah, but that's alright. I can call and ask if they have a free table, no problem!"

I ignored it and grabbed cheese to make grilled cheese. "Don't ignore me, babe." Sam said as he closed the fridge door with his hand.

Okay, well this was quite hot to see. He was standing behind me and looked down at me with a smirk. "Come on, I want to spoil you."

I chuckled and walked towards the counter and grabbed my bread, "I don't want you to spoil me," I kind of lied. "Valentine's Day is bullshit."

"You're bullshit."

"How old are you? Twelve?"

"You're twelve."

"Wow, it's so hot."

"You're so hot." I waited for a moment and turned to face him.

He looked at me with a challenging look and I gave him a resting bitch face. "You got me there." Sam said.

I chuckled and started making my grilled cheese I was waiting for. "Baby, please." He practically begged.

Once again I ignored him and started humming along with RiRi's 'Love On The Brain'.

He sighed and from the corner of my eye I saw him having an apparent idea, "Be right back." I shrugged and didn't pay attention to him.

Until I heard the front door close.

"Sam?" The little shit left.

I rolled my eyes and continued making my food.

As I was finishing up my sandwich minutes later, I heard the door open again.

I walked over to the living room until Sam covered me in fake rose peddles and screamed, "Suprise!"

At this very moment I felt like Squidward.

"Look at this bitch." He commented. I looked at him and saw the phone in his hand.

Of course, Snapchat.


"Are an amazing boyfriend, I know." He smiled.

My floor was covered in fake rose peddles and I actually laughed. "How much did this bullshit cost?"

"It's nothing compared to your loving, baby!" I frowned my brows at his corny line and chuckled while shaking my head.

"My love is," I lowered myself to the ground and grabbed a hand full of peddles, blowing it in his face. "so, so precious."

"Hey, be kind to your boyfriend. It's Valentine's Day."

"Hey, I was meaning to ask if you've seen my fucks anywhere? Have you seen them? Because I lost them the moment you started talking about Valentine's Day."

"Ha-ha." I smiled fakily and walked back to the kitchen.

But before I could reach the counter I felt a heavy person on my back. Out of panic I accidentally squealed and I fell down on the ground, still with the heaviness on my back. "Sam!"

He laughed his ass out, "Get the hell of me!" I said, trying not to laugh.

I swear, this guy kept laughing and laying on me for five fucking minutes.

After that, he finally said his first word. Which was, "Oops."

I stood up, pushing him off me. When I reached the stove, my lunch was burned to hell. Just like my boyfriend. "Oh, that's too bad." He said sarcastically.

"Well, that sucks now doesn't it? You know what that means? That we have to go out for food now, oh my God what a good idea!" He said. I was still star struck and stood still.

Before I knew it, he threw me over his damned shoulders and said, "That sounds so good, babe! We can have anything you want, plain American, pizza, sushi, what you wish! Damn, your food burned. What a bummer."

"Sam!" I kicked, punched, anything to get out of his grip. But we were out of the door now.

"You know I like getting what I want, and what I want is a nice day out with my baby girl. That's not too bad, is it?"

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