All You Had To Do Was Stay

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(Sam's POV)

We were at the VMA's and my ex-girlfriend was currently on stage, singing her cover of Taylor Swift or something like that.

It's been weeks since we broke up, but let's be very honest here.

I fucking miss her.

We broke up because we were both busy and that kind of shit, you know. Busy lives fuck up relationships.

We both agreed to it, but I could tell that she wasn't enjoying her single life either. I could see it. Her Snapchats were quite depressing and she didn't tweet as much as she used to.

She had a good career going on, just like me. But we just didn't manage to move on for some kind of reason. "You alright, man?" Gilinsky nudged my side and nodded in the direction of where Y/N was standing.

"Yeah." I said weaker than I wanted to sound. I fucking need her.

"people like you always want back the love they gave away
and people like me wanna believe you when you say you've changed
the more I think about it now
the less I know
all I know is that you drove us off the road" She started singing. She closed her eyes as she adjusted her mic.

The thing about her is that she was passionate about singing, everytime she sang, she would just jump into the song and forget about everything around her. That's what made me love her and her singing.

hey, all you had to do was stay
had me in the palm of your hand
man, why'd you have to go and lock me out when I let you in" For one second she opened her eyes and looked right at me. For some kind of reason it made me nervous as fuck and I tried to smile, but she quickly looked away again.

"stay, hey, now you say you want it
back, now that it's just too late
well could've been easy, all you had to do was stay
all you had to do was stay" The last part went on for like ten hours straight but I didn't care because the whole time our eyes were locked on each other. She cared just as much as I did.

"here you are now
calling me up
but I don't know what to say
I've been picking up the pieces of the mess you made
people like you always want back the love they pushed aside
but people like me are gone forever
when you say goodbye" I had to talk to her. Her eyes said so much, I knew I had to talk to her and make it up. We needed each other and there was no fucking denial in that.

After another five hours of 'all you had to do was stay' she finished the song and everyone applaud.

I was so fucking proud at her. I saw her grow bigger and bigger, now she's on TV, performing for the entire world.

After her performance I couldn't think of anything but her. Yeah sure, Nicki Minaj was on stage, but I still couldn't fucking concentrate on the show.

I just needed to see her. "Hey man, I'm going to look for Y/N." I told Johnson.

He nodded. "How are you planning to go backstage?"

"Uh, Madison is backstage right?" He nodded once again and patted my back as I stood up.

I looked for Madison because I knew she had access to the backstage area shit. Her and Y/N were... acquaintances but I knew she could talk to her.

After a couple of minutes of walking I noticed her. She was talking to her. "Y/N." I said as I sprinted the last couple of feet.

"I told you so." Madison smiled at her before walking off.

"She assumed you'd be here." Y/N weakly smiled.

"I just needed to talk to you."

"I know." She softly nodded.

"Come back to me." The fuck did I just say?

She bit her lip and looked at me. "Sam..."

"If you didn't care about me, you wouldn't have performed that song." I informed her. "I saw the way you looked at me, that sold it really." I chuckled.

She smiled and nodded. "Fine." She sighed. I slipped my arms around her little torso and I felt her arms go around my shoulders.

"I missed you." She softly said, like I wasn't meant to hear that.

"I missed you too."

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