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"So why are we here again?" Sammy asked as we entered the cutest cupcake shop.

They had the best cupcakes and I needed to take Sam here one day, no matter how tough he wanted to be by not going. "Because you need to freaking taste the cakes! They are so good. I promise."

We got lead to a cute table somewhere at the window and we sat down, looking at the different cupcakes they had.

I used to come here with friends all the time, until they are moved to other places because of stupid college and university. I ordered my usual, Chocolate Cinnamon Walnut. When you took one bite of that, you instantly knew how heaven felt like.

Sam on the other hand wanted to be the alcoholic he is and ordered a Pina Colada cupcake. But also a Cookies and Cream. "So, this is cute, I guess." He said as we ordered. I chuckled at his lovely attempt.

"This is cute."

"You're cute." Suddenly his eyes widened at me. "Did I just say that out loud?" I laughed at him. His face was turning bright red.

"Yeah, you did. Thank you." I winked at him, making him smirk.

We talked about different things while we were waiting, but since it wasn't that crowded we got it pretty fast. And of course, the both of us had to Snapchat it.

Once we were done admiring our pretty food, I decided to film Sammy's first bite to these cupcakes. "Stop filming me!" He protested.

"No! Go on." He rolled his eyes but then smiled with wide teeth.

Before I knew it he took a big bite of his cupcake and his eyes instantly widened. I guess this was the Pina Colada one since I noticed the liquid in the cupcake. "And?"

"Don't talk. I just need this moment for this cupcake and me." He said as he took another bite, he groaned. "This is so good!" He said with a stuffed mouth. I laughed.

"This is the moment where I say 'I told you so'. So here we go," I cleared my throat. "I told you so." I turned off the camera and innocently smiled at him. He didn't seem to bother my stupid comment since he just continued eating.

"How's yours?" Sammy grabbed the cupcake from my plate and took a bite. I raised my brow at him. "Oh shit, I think I'm going to get diabetes after we leave." I laughed at him once again. The cutie.

I finally got to eat my own cupcake and I groaned. I hadn't come here in ages and I finally got to taste these amazing cakes again. "Here, taste it!" Sam said as he nearly pushed his cupcake in my face.

"No, eat. I have my own!" I insisted. Since he loved it so much, I thought I was going to be nice and reject his offer.

And the second after he pushed the cupcake in my mouth, making himself laugh at my reaction. I glared at him, but when I tasted the flavor I quickly widened my eyes. "Oh my God," I said with a full mouth.Which was rude, by the way. "Oh my God." I repeated.

"I told you so." Sam smirked, mocking my action from earlier.

We ate our food in peace and Sam even ordered a couple more to go. This guy really was in for diabetes today.

After an hour or so we finally left, both being dizzy as hell. "It was so. fucking. good." He said groaning. "I can still taste the alcohol and cake at the same time. That, my friend, was the definition of happiness." I laughed at his over-exaggeration. "Oh my God, thank you so much for showing that."

"I told you, babe." I smiled as he threw an arm around me while we were walking to the car again.

"From now on I am going to combine the two things I love, you and cupcakes." He carefully held the bag with the box of cupcakes. "So we are going here every single day." I widened my eyes at him, hoping he wasn't serious about that.

"Hell no! I don't want to get diabetes!" He chuckled.

"Me neither. We can also just combine two other things I love."

"And that is?"

"You and sex."

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