Tattooed Souls P. I

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I ran my finger over the tattoo on my ring finger and sighed.

Who the hell was Samuel?

Nineteen years of my life had been filled with thousands of 'Have you met him yet?' questions. And I still didn't know who he was till the day of today.

But I was getting impatient.

So I decided to go on the hunt for my so known 'soulmate'.

I got my laptop and locked myself in my apartment and I wouldn't get out until I knew who my future husband was.

Sometimes I got... glitches of a young, handsome boy. It were vague daydreams who appeared in a random situation.

It didn't matter if I was in school or at home, I just blacked out for a couple of seconds and only thought about the unclear figure.

What I did see is that he was brown haired and had the deepest, cutest dimples.

The other hint I got from Mother Nature was the W. behind his name.

So I searched up 'Samuel W.' on Facebook and looked at the suggestions.

The first couple of people were of course the ones who lived nearby me, but none of them had the familiar face I was looking for.

It was an endless list. I knew that what I was doing, was useless. Absolutely useless.

But what was I supposed to do? Sit here, wait for my soulmate and do nothing? Well no.

I sighed as I had been scrolling through the list with weird people, and yet none of them seemed to be sane enough to have a working Facebook.

Out of a sudden, everything went black.

When my sight came back again, the same Samuel was standing in front of me. Literally in front of me.

He held out his hand and said, "LA is great, but I miss Omaha."

And we're back in the present.

Thank God for Mother Nature and it's timing. "Omaha, Nebraska..." I murmured in myself.

I opened a new tab and searched 'Samuel W. Omaha Nebraska'. Not sure if this was going to be any better, but better safe than sorry.

Opening the pictures instead of Googling helped a whole lot in my investigation.

At first all I saw was some old guy and a pizza, so that wasn't him.

But as I kept on scrolling I started seeing a couple of younger people mixed in it. Holy shit, I was close.

The first picture I clearly saw was a screen shot of a Snapchat of him. It was exactly like my glitches. The same brown eyes and brown hair.


But he didn't have glasses, right?

I tapped on the picture and saw a name. A fucking name.

Sam Wilkinson.

I bit my lip and searched him up. And boy, there was so much about him going on.

He was a performer? My soulmate is a performer? I'm like a potato, how- what?

I searched him up on every social media and I wanted him to notice me. But he had more than a million followers on each!

So I saw in his bio that he was currently on the move and touring. I just need to convince and meet him.

The Grove, Anaheim. Tomorrow evening.


So I paid more money for a Meet & Greet... What the hell was I thinking?

I almost arrived at the venue and I felt myself getting more nervous.

This was my proclaimed 'soulmate'. He doesn't even know me, I don't even know him!

What if he's just a famous asshole and thinks I'm obsessed with him...

I was clearly overthinking this whole situation but I just couldn't help the fact that this might turn out really different than intended.

I parked my car and felt my hands getting damp. Don't get sweaty now, fam.

As I came closer to the venue, I started seeing lines and lines with young girls who were looking extremely excited.

I looked around me and pursed my lips. What the fuck am I supposed to do?

I don't know anything about this boy, I'm just here because I need to convince him he's my soulmate!

I sound absolutely crazy.

After an awkward ten minutes, the doors finally opened and girls started running inside like crazy.

I stayed behind a little and looked for the Meet and Greet thing...

So, half an hour later and I was in line to meet him.

It was kind of awkward since almost everyone was with another person and I was alone. But it was just about him right now.

He looked even better in real.

When it was finally my turn I slowly walked towards him, not realizing the fact that I was finally meeting him.

My mouth slightly parted and when I noticed, I bit my lip.

I nervously held out my hand when I finally reached him. He frowned and I asked, "This- This is not how it's supposed to go?" He chuckled and I awkwardly laughed.

After all he did shake my hand, "Usually fans go in for a hug." He responded.

"Oh," I could feel my head turning hot, "this is kinda new to me."

It was the first ever M&G I went to actually, "Still want that hug?" He asked with the cutest smile on his face.

I laughed and I gave him a subtle hug, "You smell good." He whispered, making me shiver.

"Thank you, Chanel number five." I winked, he laughed in response.

"What's your name?" Samuel asked me.

"Y/N Y/L/N."

His smile dropped and my heart started beating even faster, "What- What's wrong?" I asked him. He might be the one. He might recognize my name.

"I... I-"

"Do you want a picture or not?" The man behind the camera interrupted Sam.

I agreed awkwardly and we took a picture. I was uncomfortably awkward. "Y/N," Sam said before I walked away.


"Do you want to come backstage?"

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