Rot In Hell

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God, this day was fucking terrible.

I think I messed up all of my tests today, my stomach was having a World War III while I was making those tests and it was probably 'ignore Y/N day'.

Sam didn't respond to my messages, my best friend didn't respond, even my damn sister didn't respond. There's nothing worse than waiting for a text.

I sighed and drove my car into the drive-way of my house. I wanted to go to Sam but since he read my texts and didn't even text back, well alright then.

I also wanted to go for some Starbucks and go to my best friend, but then she texted that she was with her boyfriend. Today has such a weird vibe and I am not digging it at all.

I felt like shit, really. But nothing special happened.

"I'm home." I yelled through the house. I saw Sam's shoes standing in the hallway. Was he coming over to surprise me?

"Em, you home?" I yelled once again. We were twin-sisters and we borrowed seriously everything from each other. Sometimes people would think I was Emma and Emma was me.

I didn't really mind being twins, there was nothing terrible about it. Only that people think you're your sister.

I took off my shoes and walked into the livingroom, seeing something I would never even imagine in my nightmares.

My boyfriend on top of my sister.

"What the actual fuck?!" I didn't bother shouting at the both of them. They quickly got off each other and grabbed their clothes.

My heart fell in my stomach. This was pathetic. No, excuse me. Not even close to pathetic, there weren't any words for this. "You two are so..." I trailed off. My voice was weak, and I hated it. "heartless."

"Y/N." They both said at the same time.

"Save it." I said shaking my head and pursing my lips. I could feel tears building up, but I wouldn't show my weakness.

"Babe, pl-"

"Don't even try to go there, Wilkinson." I said grinning my teeth.

"It's not what-"

I interrupted my twin-sister. "Then what is this then? Can you please give me a legit explanation of why my sister and boy-, ex-boyfriend," I corrected myself. "are fucking each other on the fucking couch? Because please, I'm dying to know!" I faked.

My anger towards the both of them was undescribeable. I had never felt this angry at a person before.

They harshly swallowed as they both stood up. "Oh, wait. There is no actual reason to it, is there?" I said coldly. "You both, are pathetic, cruel and brutal. And you," I pointed at Sam.

"you really think this is okay? Fucking your girlfriends sister?" He looked at the ground without looking at me. I was really fucking hoping that he knows that it's better to shut up. "I hope you rot in hell, Sam Wilkinson."


(Sam's POV) - 1 week later

Got kicked out of my girlfriends'  house and broken up with... great. All because of one fucking mistake.

Dude, I was day drinking... with her sister.

How fucking stupid could I be? I didn't even feel something for fucking Emma. It's just that, they look so fucking alike, and with a stupid drunk mind like mine you couldn't 'tell a difference'. Sort of.

Here's my part of the story:

Went day drinking with some friends. Walked to Y/N's house. Emma was there. Of course I was fully aware of that it was her, but something in my mind said 'do it!'.

Dumb ass mind.

Well, then we ended up on the couch... We didn't have sex, really. But if she didn't come in what if-, nope. I'm not thinking about that.

Emma was just going along with it, no idea why. Why would you betray your sister like that? Like you haven't betrayed your girlfriend like that, Wilk.

I sighed and groaned as I woke up.

She hates me. She hates me. She hates me.

I stood up and walked over to the kitchen to get Advil for this killer bitch of an headache.

"I hope you rot in hell, Sam Wilkinson."

While grabbing water I sighed once again for like the thousandth time this morning. This was all fucked up.

"You really think this is okay? Fucking your girlfriends sister?"

I clenched my jaw and breathed heavily. Get the fuck out of my mind. She deserves better than me.

"You both, are pathetic, cruel and brutal."

I opened my water bottle and tugged it in my mouth while swallowing the medicine.

"Can you please give me a legit explanation of why my sister and boy-, ex-boyfriend," Ex...

I dropped the water bottle and punched the wall with all anger I had boiling inside of me.

I heavily breathed and looked at the fucking hole in the wall.

This was all my mistake. This was all because of one dumb ass mind. It was my fault.

The doorbell and I groaned. While dragging myself to the door I didn't bother about how I looked like and opened it.


I hadn't seen her in a week.

Her eyes were dark, just like her bags. Her hair was covered my the hood of her hoody. She still managed to look like a godess.

I furrowed my brows and blinked, making sure I wasn't dreaming this. "Y/N?"

"Sam." She answered coldly.

"W-What are you doing here?"

"What happened to your hand?" She asked while grabbing my hand I hit the wall with, but she quickly pulled away.

Most amazing two seconds in the past week.

"Uh, I was angry." I chuckled. "I'm sorry." I quickly said before she could walk away again. "I'm so fucking sorry. For everything. I-I didn't mean to do anything, I was drunk and stupid and- who the fuck am I kidding? I'm still stupid." I chuckled sarcastically.

"Stupid to let someone like you walk away." I sounded like a pussy.

"Why?" She asked weakly. She looked up at me and saw her puffy eyes. God, I did this to her.

"I don't know. I-I know it's not an excuse but please, Y/N. I need you."

"The fuck happened to the wall?" She said while widening her eyes.

"Like I said, I was angry."

"Don't hurt yourself like that." She told me. She still cared about me.

"It was an accident."

"An accident where you accidentally hit a hole in the wall?"

I chuckled and I swear, I could see her smile a little. "I'm sorry." I repeated.

"I have a deal." She told me. "We try again. Because I-I can't go on without you. I tried, real hard. But I can't end things like that." Y/N said.

I held her hand with my good hand. "I love you. I always have, and I always will." Corny Wilk, everybody.

"I love you too."

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