Boys Like You

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Today was the day.

The day that every girl (almost every girl) has been dreaming of since she was little.

I stared at my dress I was currently wearing and bit my lip. It's finally happening. And it's all so perfect.

Bridesmaids were all over the place, running around to look for their stuff. It felt like a chaos, but a beautiful chaos.

Never have I ever thought I would marry Mason. He just came into my life and made the best out of it. "Y/N," my sister carefully said while laying a hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah?" I responded, snapping out of my thoughts.

She seemed to be struggling with her words, I could tell by the way she was doubting and frowning, "There's- There's someone to see you." She stuttered.

I got suspicious and scrunched up my face, "Who?"

My sister harshly swallowed before saying, "Sam Wilkinson."

My mouth dropped from here to freaking Tokyo.

The ex-boyfriend who cheated on me and then cussed me out for moving on.

We dated for a while, but way back. Both of us were happy, until Sam decided he wanted a more erotic love life. So he went to the nearest woman with a vagina. Which was not me, by the way.

Of course I broke up with him right away, but when he saw that I was going on dates, he drunk-texted me, saying how much of a 'slut' I was.

What a joke.

"Y/N, if you want him out I can-" The door opened, revealing the only man in the room.

He looked around for a bit, his eyes were only looking for one thing.

When he saw me, he seemed to have found it.

Sam walked towards me and my sister stayed by my side, "Hey," he quietly said. "you look beautiful." He rather breathed out than said.

I didn't say a word, I didn't know what to say. I hadn't seen him in damn years. And suddenly he shows up at my wedding? "What are you doing here." I asked, not greeting him at first.

"Can- Can I talk to you?"

"Why? So you can tell me how much of a slut I am because I'm going to marry?" I sarcastically commented.

He took a deep breath and pursed his lips, "I want to talk about that. Please. In private."

What my mom always told me was to let go of the past. This way of talking it out, I was going to let it go.

So I took Sam to my quiet dressing room and closed the door behind us.

I kept my distance from him and waited for him to start the conversation. "The big day, huh?" He asked.

I silently nodded, "I always imagined us on this day." He murmured, but it sounded like he wasn't quite aware of what he was saying. "Shit, I didn't mean- did I just say that out loud?" He awkwardly laughed.

"Yeah," I said. "you did."

"I didn't mean it that way. I'm real happy for you and Mason." He said. I could tell he was kind of lying.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked, changing the subject.

"I want to apologize for my behaviour. I was drunk and unaware of what I was doing and it was childish. I'm sorry." Sam said in one full sentence.

He looked genuine, so I said, "It's okay." I carefully smiled.

A smile was framed on his face. He looked nothing different from compared years ago. Sure there were some changes, but he looked the same in general. "I just really want to apologize for what I did."

"I know-"

"I really, really, really want to." I nodded awkwardly.

"Yeah, I know."

Sam took a sharp breath, "I'm just going to say this..." I harshly swallowed, not knowing what was going to happen, "I'm not the awful person I know that I was. I don't even know that person."

I chuckled and let him continue, "And I'd like to believe- I have to believe," he corrected himself. "that if you knew that... If in your heart, you really really knew that..." I was getting extremely nervous.

"You wouldn't be getting ready to marry someone now... Unless that someone were me." I tried so hard not to cry, and boy, it was hard.

Sam looked like the person I fell in love with again. The genuine little boy from Omaha. "You can't do this." I said, tears filling my eyes with every word I said. "It's been nearly ten years, Sam."

He opened his mouth to say something, but I interrupted him, "You can't just come show up at my wedding day and tell me that you've 'changed'."

"I know, but this is the only way to reach you!" He defended.

I shook my head and sighed, "It's too late, I know. You chose Mason, not me. And you have all reasons to. But... something inside of me says that-"

"I don't want to know." I interrupted him.

"- that there still might be-" Sam continued on talking.

"Stop." I warned him.

"- that there still might be a chance for us!" He raised his volume and I shook my head violently, tears streaming down my face.

"There's not." I sternly responded.

"Boys like you don't fucking deserve to be loved." I quietly said. "Boys like you fuck over your life once you're happy. I don't ever want to be with someone like you."

I didn't even try to look up at him. Because I would know his pain. "Just like grab a piece of cake and leave my life." And with that I stormed out of the room.

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