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"What if it's positive?" I asked Sammy.

"Then we're going to go through this together." He held my hand tightly and kissed my knuckles.

With my other hand I turned the pregnancy test around.


Sam started smiling like crazy and hugged me. "Oh my God, I'm gonna be a dad." He breathed out.

"Y-You're happy it's positive?" I asked while laughing.

"Of course! My baby girl is going to have a baby!" He kissed my forehead and continued to hug me. "Oh God, I'm so excited." He hugged me even tighter and I started shaking of happiness.

I was going to have a baby with the guy of my dreams.

Sammy and I had been dating for three years now, it's not that we actually planned on getting a baby, but I was actually really happy after all.

"We can move in together, and rent an apartment. Holy shit Y/N, I'm so excited to decorate the baby room!" He sounded so happy and I was more than relieved that he responded this way.

"I'm gonna have a baby." I softly mumbled.

"Can I say something, babe?"

"What is it?"

"I want the baby to have a godfather." He softly smiled.

"Depends on who the godfather is."


"Maloley?" He nodded and waited nervously for me answer. "Of course! I trust Nate with my whole heart."

"Let's go tell him!" He stood up a little too fast and almost tripped which made me chuckle.


"Godfather?" Nate widened his eyes followed by a smile.

"Yeah." We softly said.

"Hell yeah! Holy shit, that's such an honer. Thanks guys!" He hugged us. "I'm so happy for you both." He smiled.

"Sorry for the corny scene to put you in man, but hey Y/N I love you." He kissed my forehead and I blushed slightly.

"I love you too, Sam."

"Aw I love you guys too!" Skate said.

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