Jack Frost

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"Who are you and what have you done to my boyfriend." I said through facetime. It wasn't really a question.

He chuckled and smiled at me. "Very funny." Sam said sarcastically.

Sam dye'd his hair fucking blonde. And from a total brunette to a damn blonde is a pretty big difference. I wouldn't say it was ugly, he was kinda pulling it off, to be honest. "You look like Miley Cyrus but even blonder." I teased him.

He rolled his eyes. "No I don't!"

"No, you're right... You look like that character from uh... that movie!" I grabbed my iPad to look it up.

I was in Florida to visit my family for the weekend, so that explains the facetiming. "The Rise of The Guardians!" I yelled. "You look like Jack Frost! Jack fucking Frost!" I laughed.

I look a picture of the character smirking and held it next to my phone to match it with Sam. "Damn, Toby come here!" I yelled at my older brother. "Doesn't Sam look like Jack Frost?"

"Is that Sam?" He asked while coming closer to the screen.

"Hey bro." Sam said while awkwardly laughing.

Toby started grinning. "I see you're pulling off the new hair."

"Thanks, at least someone who's trying to be nice." Sam glared and me and I smiled at him.

"He looks like Jack Frost! Look at the resemblance! You can't miss that! If Sam had blue eyes and lighter brows he would be mistaken for Jack Frost!"

My brother looked at my iPad, then back at Sam, at the iPad, back at Sam. "She's right." He grinned.

"That's enough of 'teasing Sam Wilkinson because he's a blonde' for today." We both laughed.

"Really, you are pulling it off, though." I said turning serious again.

Toby left again and I walked over to my room. "I like it. It's just that it reminds me of the character." I softly laughed.

"The character is cute so I'm fine with it." Sam smiled.

"Don't worry you look better than cute." I winked at him.

"I know right?" I rolled my eyes. "I miss you, baby."

My grin turned even wider. "I miss you too, Jack Frost."

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