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Sam and I were at Jack and Jack's house, doing literally nothing. But I liked the company though.

The thing is, I was on my period and my stomach was fucking killing me. I think I was on the edge on throwing myself out of the bloody window.

I had been keeping my groans in and my painful looks but I couldn't take it anymore. "Do you guys have Advil?" I asked the boys.

"I think so, let me check." Johnson got up and walked over to the kitchen.

I bit my lip to not make a sound. "Y/N? You okay?" Gilinsky asked with a concerned look. I felt Sam's eyes burning on me, waiting for my respond.

"Yeah, yeah. I just need a moment." I said while getting my breathing steady.

"Found some Advil. Need water?" Johnson asked as he entered the room again.

I shook my head and stood up. "I can do it."

"No, babe. Sit. I'll get it for you." Sam gently pushed me on the couch again.

"Sam, I can-"

"Let me do it." He said with a steady tone. I laid down on the couch and sighed.

Moments later Sam came back with water and I took the Advil. It had calmed down for a while, luckily.

My cramps on my period were terrible, the mood swings weren't that common but the cramps were such a pain in the ass.

It was two hours later and the medicine stopped working. I tried to not complain for so long but I couldn't take it anymore.

"Sam," He looked over at me. "can we go? I can't do this anymore." I said groaning.

He immediately stood up and also helped me get up. "Let's go, babe. Sorry man, this one is not feeling too well."

The Jack's shrugged and stood up. "It's alright man, I'm gonna beat your ass next time." Gilinsky laughed.

"Sure you are, G." Sam said sarcastically. We walked over to the hell and put on our shoes.

"Man, he sure is whipped." I heard Johnson say to Jack G. I chuckled and shook my head.

"I ain't pussy whipped," Sam said. He stood up again and helped me. "I'm in love." He winked at the guys and we left.

I blushed at the memory of him saying 'he's in love with me'. "Is it that time of the month?" He asked while starting the car.

"Yeah." I answered softly.

"Mc Donald's and Netflix?" I grinned at myself and nodded.

"You know it, baby."

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