Body Shots

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He shrugged and took a sip of his Jack Daniels. "You're not trying to get me wasted, are you?" He asked. I slightly chuckled and grinned.

"We'll see."


"I had a good time last night." Sam said as he groaned because of the light that came through my curtains.

"I hardly remember anything."

"That's how I know it was a good night." He grinned.

I got up, dressed out of my jeans I was still wearing and grabbed his shirt. "If you don't mind." I winked at him and walked out of the room.

As I walked into the living room I noticed how much of a mess it was. Bottles everywhere. Random clothes. Food. I chuckled and shook my head.

I walked into the kitchen and got cereal and milk. I didn't feel like cooking, and especially not for Sam Wilkinson.

Why did I invite him to my apartment again? Oh yeah, both heartbroken. Both stupid shits. Both desperate for alcohol.

And I didn't even know him that well, why the hell did I ask him to be here?

I grabbed the cereal and a bowl to pour it in, of course. I was doing my things until I heard moaning from the bedroom.

What in holy Jesus' name is happening?

"Sam?" I yelled.

"One sec." He sounded very uptight and breathless.

I quickly jogged towards my bedroom and saw Sam jerking off.

"What the fuck, Wilkinson!" I threw the nearest thing, which were my jeans.

"Y/N!" He moaned out. Either out of annoyance or he was jerking off to me?

God, no.


"Y-You know I can't!" I started to feel uncomfortable and stepped out of the room and close to door behind me.

"I am disgusted by you!" I yelled and softly chuckled. Was he actually doing this?

Moments later he started moaning even louder and apparently he came. That was fast?

I came in and saw him cleaning up himself. I threw a box of tissues and started laughing. "You came fast." I commented.

"You came fast." He mocked me with an ugly face. I grinned and sat on the end on my bed, turning my back to whatever was happening on my bed.

How did I not kick him out of my apartment? Why was I so 'cool' with a random dude jerking off in my bed? Because he's hot. Well.

I felt a presence behind me and suddenly I felt Sam kissing me in my neck. I quickly stood up and looked at him. "Ok, so first you jerk off in my fucking bed and then you kiss me?" I raised my brows.

"Pretty much." He laid on my bed and turned his head cockily.

I looked at him and his expression was so innocent. He looked so peaceful and young, so carefree. "I want to kiss you."

Wait what did I just say.

I was hoping he wouldn't hear it. The words just slipped out of my freaking mouth.

"Then do." Without thinking I leaned in while supporting myself on his chest. Our lips met very softly and my lips hovered over his. "Do it again." He whispered with a low voice.

Holy shit.

I smiled and kissed him again, this time moving a little more.

His lips were soft and warm. Something I never expected. And somehow, I was craving for more. Suddenly he asked for entrance with his tongue and I let him.

Sam rested his hands on the curves of my ass and slightly squeezed it. I felt him smirking against my lips.

I pulled back, knowing this was weird. "Oh God, what just- what just happend?" I awkwardly laughed.

"I don't know, but I'm digging it." He smirked.

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