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I got back from the tattoo/piercing shop. I finally got a nose piercing and I was so obsessed with it.


"Yoooo don't ignore me"

"Y/N :("

"I NEED YOU HELLO" I read on my phone. Sam sent me a couple of texts, being impatient as ever.

I forgot to tell him I got a piercing actually... I have in honesty no idea how he would respond to it.

Sam wasn't the biggest fan of piercings, but I was and I told myself to get one whenever I got permission from my family.

I went home and showed it to my sister. She absolutely loved it, and so did my parents. I was more than happy to hear those compliments. "Have you showed Sam already?" My sister asked.

Oh crap. "No, not yet. I'll go visit him right now."

"He'll love it." She winked. I chuckled and left.

I drove to Sam's house. I was nervous. I know I shou;dn't be because he's my boyfriend. But I still felt a little anxious. "Hey babe!" He said while opening the door and hugging me.

I smiled at him. "What's up? What makes you come here?" He asked smiling like crazy.

What a cutie.

"I just wanted to visit my favorite guy." I smoothly told him.

He laughed and let me in his house. We sat on the couch and he looked at me. Did he not notice anything? "Hey, there's something different about your face." About my face?

"Right," I nodded. "maybe a-"

"You did your hair different!" He has to be fucking kidding me. "No, no... You're not wearing any make-up!"

"I am." I awkwardly smiled.

"Hmm, what the hell is it? Oh by the way, why didn't you answer me?"

"First, hmm maybe I have a new thing added to my face? Second, I was getting a damn piercing!" I said while pointing at my nose.

"No shit, Sherlock." He said while laughing and patting my shoulder. "It was funny to see you like this."

"Ha-ha." I laughed sarcastically. While slapping his hand away.

"Oh c'mon, it was fun." He said while chuckling. "And the piercing looks hot." Thank God.

"You like it!"


"Hell yeah!" I cheered. Sam laughed.

"You were scared I wasn't going to like it?" He asked me. I nodded slightly at him. "I don't care if you dye your hair purple, or blue. Or if you would get a tattoo on your face, I'll always like it." I smiled at him.

"No, wait, except for those nose rings," he fumbled with the holes of his nose. "those are ugly."

"Thanks for ruining the moment."

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