Stubborn Love

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Tori, Chantel, Maya and I were currently at some kind of club downtown and we were definitely looking for booze.

We hadn't had a girls night out in a long ass time, and it was time for us to get wasted again.

Our 'squad' had been just the four of us and we were perfectly fine with it. We had been friends for years now and nothing was going to ruin that.

The night went pretty good. We were slightly tipsy, we hadn't lost anyone to some kind of fuckboy yet and we were laughing.

We went to the bar to get more drinks. The girls and I passed a group of boys, oh excuse me, fuckboys and they started whistling and shouting things like 'looking good'.

I rolled my eyes just like my friends and the boys smirked at us. They walked closer to our group as we were ordering drinks.

One guy bumped my side and I looked up, glaring at the most beautiful face I've ever seen. "Malibu for the beautiful lady right here." The stranger said to the bartender.

I cocked my head to the side. "How'd you know I like Malibu?"

"You seem like a girl who likes all types of booze." He winked. I smirked and looked over at the girls. They were all getting pretty cozy with those friends of his themselves.

Then I looked down at my drink. "You're not drugging me, are you?" I raised my brow and saw him smirking.

"Of course not, if I wanted to get you in bed, there were no drugs needed." The handsome stranger winked once again.

"Trust me, I'd rather get passed out than see your tiny dick." I rolled my eyes at him, biting the inside of my cheek to stop the smirk that wanted to grow on my face.

He smirked and chuckled a little. "Drink." I handed him the drink for him to test it. He happily took it and drank it.

"See? I'm not that scary, I promise."

I shook my head at him. "Momma told me to never take drinks from strangers." I eventually got the drink and poured it down my throat in one time.

"Momma also told me to not fuck with people like you and your friends." I winked at him and dragged my friends away from the fuckboys and we went dancing again.


It's been hours since I saw the beautiful stranger and I hadn't seen him since. Probably off to hit on some other girls now.

My girls and I were still together surprisingly.

We were still dancing and I heard Trey Songz came on.

Trey made me feel some type of way.

"I'm touching you tonight, no, I'm loving you tonight, wait nope
I'm fucking you girl, you must be used to spending, putting in that time
touching, loving, fucking, can't make up my mind
I'm loving you, wait nope, I'm fucking you tonight"

I danced to the music with Jaycee until I felt an other hand around my waist, which was hopefully not hers.

"girl you fucking with the best
take a picture while I'm deep up in it
and if they living right next
then I bet they know my name in a minute
let me feel your body sweat
I promise I'll keep your body dripping, oh"

The body was still here and I felt the person coming closer to me. I could feel his breath in my neck. "You're so fucking hot." It's him.

"now she asking me when I'm taking her home
I tell her let's go, long as you know cause I know when we get alone"

"How about we get the fuck out of here." He said as he started kissing my neck.

Right in the feels.

I turned around and saw his face again. It's definitely him.

I bit my lip and grabbed his hand, walking out of this fucking crowded club. With his other hand he placed it over my crotch. I furrowed my brows but didn't do anything. Damn it, alcohol.

Once we finally got outside he started getting a little dominant. He turned me to face him and hungrily kissed me, walking towards the wall. He basically trapped me in his arms.

I reached out to tug on his hair but he grabbed my arms and placed them above my head. Kinda like that scene in Fifty Shades of Grey. "How about we go to my house." He whispered as he continued kissing my neck. I moaned a little and he smirked right away.

"How about we go to my apartment."

He pulled back and furrowed his brows. "Why yours? Never had someone say that before." His confusion was soon followed by a smirk again. "I like it."

We got a cab to my house and the ride was pretty quiet since we were both horny. The stranger kept placing his hand on my thigh, reacing a little higher everytime. "What's your name?" I asked him as he almost reached my underwear.

I expected him to remove his hand, but he didn't. He just continued rubbing cirkels with his thumb. "Stop." I told him.

"Do you really want me to stop?" He asked me while looking me right in the eye.

"No." I confessed.

He smirked and continued cirkling on my inner thigh. "Sam."


He lazily smirked. "I like your name."

I bit my lip. "Don't do the biting thing." He said while leaning in and kissing me once again. Before we had a full-on makeout session in the back of the cab, I pulled back. But he didn't let go before biting my lip.

"That's my job to do that."

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