Who Is It?

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"Alright, truth or dare." Jack G suddenly said.

Everyone scoffed and looked pretty confused by his suggestion. "What? We've been playing this game since high school!" He defended. "Oh, c'mon. I feel like this will strengthen our friendship!"

"Or tear it apart?" I said. The guys agreed to me.

Nate, the Jacks and Sam were hanging out in my house. We had been best friends since high school and just because they were suddenly 'famous', it didn't stop our friendship.

We saw each other a lot less, but we still talked in the groupschat and stuff like that.

"Y'all are not as fun as you used to be." G scoffed.

We laughed at him, but eventually gave in.

So here we were, a bunch of eighteen, nineteen and twenty-one year-olds playing a fucking high school game.

We had been playing for a while now, and I couldn't lie, it was pretty amusing. Seeing the guys argue about things that happened in the past, or seeing them confess something stupid. "Alright, Y/N." Jack Johnson started.

I sighed. "Here we go."

"Truth or dare?"


"Don't be such a pussy!" Nate said.

"You were so much more fun 2 years ago, Y/L/N!" Jack G said. Sam just laughed along.

Fun fact: I had been crushing on stupid Wilk for months now, but I was still too pussy to actually admit it. No one knew it, none of the boys, none of my family.

It was just my own little secret. "Alright," Johnson said as he cleared his throat. "so, do you have a crush?" He giggled as his voice went a little higher. I laughed at his little mocking a twelve year-old action.

"Yes." I answered honestly. I was an eighteen year-old sort of adult and I was ready to face whatever what was going to happen.

I heard the guys cheering 'oeh' and 'ah'. "Well, who is it?" Nate asked.

"You asked if I had a crush, not the name." I winked at the guys. They sighed and continued playing.

(Jack J's POV)

After Y/N said she had a crush on someone, all of the guys and I started to get curious, since our little man Wilkinson had a crush on Y/N.

I saw his face get blood red and he suddenly was quiet the entire time after. The poor guy.

All of us were done with the stupid childish Truth or Dare, so we turned on Family Guy. Sam was still pretty quiet. So I decided to be little cupido over here. "So, Y/N. Who are you having a little crush on?" I teased her.

"A guy?"

"No shit, Sherlock." She smirked and I shook my head. "Alright, I ask you a question about this guy and you can only answer yes or no."


"Because." I answered simply before thinking about my question. "So, do I or any of the guys know him?" She nodded.

All of the boys were too busy playing on their phone, expect for Sam, who pretended to be 'watching' Family Guy.

"Is he a good friend of ours?" She nodded once again, not looking at me but looking at the TV. "Have I known him for a long time?" Nodded once again.

So he was a good friend for a while now...

"Important question, is he a fuck boy like our homeboy G?" Nate asked.

She laughed. "Yeah." Sam's head shot up at her.

"You always call me a fuckboy." He told her.

She shrugged. "Guess." She said.

"Gilinsky?" Sam asked.

"No offense," she told Jack. "but ew no." Jack rolled his eyes at her.

"Nate? I'm the only not fuckboy in here, alright." I defended myself. They agreed to me but it wasn't Nate who she was crushing on.

"Then there's one last option..." Nate said.
"Y-You have a crush on me?" Sam asked with widened eyes.

"Oh, God. Please don't say it like we're in high school." Y/N groaned. "But yes, Sammy. I have a little crush on you." She said while pretending to be a thirteen year-old in freshman year.

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