For However Long

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"Yo, Y/N open up!" Sammy yelled as I was just blending my contour.

I didn't open the door because come on, that cream contour won't blend itself. "What!" I yelled in return.

He walked into my apartment, "What are you getting so fancy for?" He asked while glaring at me from head to toe.

"What are you doing here?"

"Don't answer my question with a question, baby."

I shivered at him calling me 'baby'. But as usual, he was playing.

I had been crushing on him for months now. Being the usual fuckboy him, he flirted around with every vagina-born human being.

Even my best friend.

He was always flirting with her or teasing her or whatever. I was done and realized I was wasting my time on a fuckboy.

So I went on a date with a pretty good friend of mine. We had known each other for years now and we recently caught up again.

And I was preparing for this date, "My date." I answered as I ran to my makeup-room again.

I heard footsteps following me, "With who?"

"With your brother," I lied sarcastically.

I could see his eyes almost popping out of his skull, "Just kidding." I grinned.

Sam rolled his eyes and sat on the free seat next to me, "Seriously, who are you going out with? Do I need to punch him in the face?"

I furrowed my brows, "No?"

He squinted his eyes at me, "Are you sure?"

"Sammy! I'm going on a date in–" I grabbed my phone to check the time. "an hour. Wait, now you're here, help me with my outfit!"

I ran out of the room to my closet. "Okay," I held up the first pre-set outfit.

It was a simple black off-shoulder with a choker attached dress, "So this with accessories, heels and shit,"

He didn't respond and I laid down the dress on my clean floor, "Or number two." I said.

The second one was a grey ribbed pencil skirt and a black simple crop.

Colors and me don't get along together very well.

"The dress." He gulped without properly looking at the outfits.

"Okay, I'm going to try them on and you–"

"No, that's not necessary." He quickly said while clearing his throat and adjusting his posture.

I furrowed my brows at him, "But–"

"Just finish your makeup, come sit." He patted on the empty seat where I was sitting earlier.

Minutes were silent. Very silent. But I felt his gaze on me. "You're really going on this date?" His voice was lower than usual.

"Yeah," I smiled. "why shouldn't I?"

"Because I came here to ask if you wanted to go to the movie with me."

I scrunched up my face, "Why out of a sudden?"

"Because..." He said, not giving me a clear reason for his bluntness.

Sammy sighed, "Just don't go. I want to chill with you."

Once I was done slapping more makeup on my face, I walked out of the room and put on the dress.

"Why?" I yelled back at him.

"Because I like being with you!" He returned the loud yelling since we were in other rooms.

I quickly put on the dress and adjusted it to my liking.

Once I was satisfied, I walked back to Sam. "God, I really like being with you." He breathed out while checking me out.

I walked towards him, but he was not looking up at me. When I reached him, I tilted his head to look at me. "Sam,"


"What's up with you?" I asked him. He was acting weird and nicer than usual.

"I need to get this off my chest..." He started off.

He stood up and towered over me, "Please don't interrupt me, because this is going to be very long."

I nodded, "I fucking like you. I always have and I always will. Never have I ever thought it was going to be you, but I'm so fucking glad it is.

I ignored the... feelings for you. And with that, I tried to hook up with as many girls, I was trying to convince myself you were just one of them.

But you're not. You're so fucking special. I- I don't know what's so different about you but I know I want you and no one else–"

I interrupted his long ass speech with a kiss, which was not planned. At all.

But thank God I made that last minute plan. Maybe I wasn't so over him after all.

When I pulled back, he looked starstruck. "Thank God you stopped me." He smiled, showing off his dimples.

"Would it make you feel better if I told you I feel the same?" He happily nodded and I laughed.

"You're- You're not going on the date now, right?" Sam stuttered.

"Maybe I am," I teased. I walked away and felt Sammy's arms snake around my waist.

"No, you're not." He buried his face in my neck. "You're going to be stuck with me now."

"For how long?" I teasingly sighed. I meant nothing of it. I would love to be Sam the whole night.

"For however long."

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